Past Workshops and Tutorials


January 19-20. ASPECT User Workshop, Virtual [Mantle Convection, Long-Term Tectonics] 


January 25-26. ASPECT User Workshop, Virtual [Mantle Convection, Long-Term Tectonics] 

February 23 & 25. CIG Developers Workshop, Virtual [Computational Science]

May 24-28. 2021 Rayleigh Hackathon [Dynamo]

June 7-16. 2021 PyLith Hackathon [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

July 6-16. 2021 ASPECT Hackathon [ Mantle Convection, Long-Term Tectonics]



January 21-23. ASPECT User Workshop, Virtual [Mantle Convection, Long-Term Tectonics] 

May 3-6. CGU CIG Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics Workshop [Mantle Convection, Long-Term Tectonics] CANCELLED

June 7-14. PyLith Hackathon [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics] CANCELLED

July 20-24.  2020 Tectonics Modeling Tutorial Virtual [Long-Term Tectonics]

July 27-30. 2020 Tectonics Community Science Workshop Virtual [Long-Term Tectonics]

August 3-14. ASPECT Hackathon. Virtual [Mantle Convection, Long-Term Tectonics]

October 13-15. Advancing Our Understanding of Earth Dynamics in CIG IV Virtual [community wide]



May 21-June 1. ASPECT Hackathon, Heber City, Utah. [Mantle Convection]

June 10-14. 2019 Crustal Deformation Modeling Workshop. Golden, Colorado. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

July 22-26.  Rayleigh Hackathon [Dynamo]



April 25-27. CTSP: Coupling of Tectonic and Surface Processes [Long-Term Tectonics]

June 10-14. 2018 CIG Mantle Convection and Lithosphere Dynamics Workshop joint with  CGU , Niagara Falls, Canada  [Long-Term Tectonics, Mantle Convection]

June 18-28. ASPECT Hackathon, Petaluma, California. [Mantle Convection]

June 18-24. PyLith Hackathon, Petaluma, California. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

September 15- 19. Rayleigh Tutorial and Workshop, Boulder, Colorado. [Geodynamo]



May 6-17. ASPECT Hackathon, Blue Ridge, Georgia. [Mantle Convection]

June 26-30. 2017 Crustal Deformation Modeling Tutorial and Workshop. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

August 27-31. 15th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics. Putten, The Netherlands [Long-Term Tectonics]

September 18-22. 2017 CIG-LLNL Computational Seismology Workshop, Livermore, CA [Seismology]



June 17-19. PyLith Modeling Tutorial, UC Davis. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

June 19. Rayleigh Tutorial, UC Davis. [Geodynamo]

June 20-22. CIG '16: Interdisciplinary Directions in Computational Geophysics, UC Davis

June 21. Introduction to Python, UC Davis. [Seismology]

June 23. ObsPy Tutorial, UC Davis. [Seismology]

June 23. Underworld II Tutorial, UC Davis. [Long-Term Tectonics]

June 23. ASPECT Tutorial, UC Davis. [Mantle Convection]

June 24. SPECFEM3D Tutorial, UC Davis. [Seismology]

June 24. SW4 Tutorial, UC Davis. [Seismology]

June 24 - July 2. ASPECT Hackathon, UC Davis. [Mantle Convection]

September 24. GSA: 525. Introduction to Numerical Modeling of Lithospheric Deformation in Matlab, Denver, Colorado. [Long-Term Tectonics]



February 5-6. Geodynamo Benchmarking Workshop, Golden, Colorado [Geodynamo]

May 19-30. 2015 ASPECT Hackathon, Bodega, California. [Mantle Convection]

August 24-25. PyLith Modeling Tutorial, Virtual. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

August 31-September 5. 14th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics, Olérons, France  [Long-Term Tectonics, Mantle Convection, EGU, ILP]



February 3-4. 2014 CIG-EarthScope Institute for Lithospheric Modeling Workshop, Tempe, Arizona. [Long-Term Tectonics]

May 4-7. 2014 Joint CIG CGU Mantle and Lithospheric Dynamics Workshop, Banff, Canada. [Long-Term Tectonics, Mantle Convection]

May 14-23. 2014 ASPECT Hackathon, Texas A&M. [Mantle Convection]

June 23-27.  2014 Crustal Deformation Modeling Workshop, Stanford, California.  [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

July 7, 9 & 16.  2014 CIDER: CIG Tutorials, Santa Barbara, California. [Mantle Convection, Geodynamo]

August 2-3. 2014 ELSI Summer School: CIG Tutorials, Tokyo, Japan. [Mantle Convection, Geodynamo]



April 22-23. EarthCube Modeling Workshop for the Geosciences, Boulder, Colorado. [Other]

June 24-28. CDM 2013 Workshop, Virtual. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

July 14-17. CIG/QUEST/IRIS Joint Workshop on Seismic Imaging of Structure and Source, University of Alaska, Fairbanks. [Seismology]

September 16-17. Implementing Solvers in CitcomCU and CitcomS Workshop,  University of California, Davis. [Computational Science, Mantle Convection]



June 18-22. CDM 2012 Workshop, Golden, Colorado. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

July 29 -August 2. 2012 Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics Workshop,  University of California, Davis. [Mantle Convection]

October 8-10. Geodynamo Developer Meeting, Boulder, Colorado. [Geodynamo]



May 17. Pylith and GALE tutorials at Earthscope, Austin, Texas. [Long-Term Tectonics. Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

June 20-24. CDM Tutorial 2011, Virtual. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

October 8th. GALE/Underworld Tutorial at GSA, Minneapolis, Minnesota. [Long-Term Tectonics]



June 14-18. CDM 2010 Workshop, Golden, Colorado. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

July 26-29. GLADE Workshop: From grains to global tectonics, University of California, San Diego. [Long-Term Tectonics, Mantle Convection]



March 30-31. Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Geophysics, Pasadena, California. [Computational Science]

June 22-26. Numerical Modeling of Crustal Deformation and Earthquake Faulting, Golden, Colorado. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

August 5-6. Gale Developer Meeting 2009, California Institute of Technology. [Long-Term Tectonics]



June 23-27. Numerical Modeling of Crustal Deformation and Earthquake Faulting, Golden, Colorado. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

July 9-11. 2008 Workshop for Advancing Numerical Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics, University of California, Davis. [Mantle Convection]

September 15-17. CIG Workshop on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Solid Earth Geosciences, Santa Fe, New Mexico. [Computational Science]



June 25-29. Community Finite Element Models for Fault Systems and Tectonic Modeling, Golden, Colorado. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

October 9-11. 2007 CIG/SPICE/IRIS Workshop in Computational Seismology, Jackson, New Hampshire. [Seismology]

October 24-27. AMR Tutorial Workshop 2007, Boulder, Colorado. [Computational Science]

November 28. 2007 NSF Reverse Site Visit



February 26. 2006 NSF Site Visit

March 27-28. 2006 Compressible Mantle Convection Workshop, Purdue University. [Mantle Convection]

June 26-30. Community Finite Element Models for Fault Systems and Tectonic Modeling, Golden, Colorado. [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]

August 18-19. 2006 Magma Migration Workshop, Columbia, University. [Magma Migration]

October 16-18. Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities at the Interfaces of Scientific Computing and Computational Geodynamics (Oct. 16-17) and Computational Science Roundtable (Oct. 18). University of Texas, Austin. [Computational Science]

October 31-November 2. Earthscope Imaging Science/CIG Seismology Joint Workshop on Computational Seismology. [Seismology]




June 8. CIG/IRIS 2005 Workshop, Stevenson, Washington. [Seismology]

June 10-12. Geodynamic Modeling of Tectonic Processes 2005 Workshop, Breckenridge, Colorado. [Long- Tectonics]

June 19-23. 2005 Mantle Convection Workshop, Boulder, Colorado. [Mantle Convection]

July. Community Finite Element Models for Fault Systems and Tectonic Modeling, Los Alamos, Mexico [Short-Term Crustal Dynamics]




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