2021 Rayleigh Hackathon


2021 Rayleigh Hackathon

24-28  May 

31 May - 3 June (extension)



Rayleigh is designed for the study of MHD turbulence and convection in spherical (and soon Cartesian) geometries using a pseudo-spectral approach and runs efficiently on O(10^5) cores.  The software is freely available and may be downloaded from its CIG software page [download].

The majority of the time will be spent working on the code in an informal setting, individually or in small groups. Participants should have basic knowledge of how to either run or modify the code and applicable coding languages. Participants are expected to contribute to the code during the workshop and participate in discussions on future directions. See Technical Requirements.

Application Closes: May 15, 2021 CLOSED
Notification of Acceptance Begins: May 8, 2021 COMPLETE

Apply here.

Workshop Report [pdf]


Nick Featherstone, Lead, Southwest Research Institute
Philipp Edelmann, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Peter E Driscoll, Carnegie Institution for Science
Rene Gassmoeller, University of Florida
Bradley Hindman, University of Colorado, Boulder
Loren Matilsky, University of Colorado, Boulder

Workshop Information

Potential Projects

The Rayleigh community has identified a list of potential projects. Please see the google sheet to indicate your interests in contributing to one or more.


The hackathon is 5 full days beginning Monday May 24. Participants are expected to attend all 5 days. We are offering an additional extension for the following week so participants can finish projects they were not able to complete in week 1.


The hackathon will be entirely virtual. Participants who are co-located are welcome to gather if allowed in your location. Groups must follow all protocols in your jurisdiction for gatherings. 


Participants must apply to attend. Registration does not guarantee acceptance to the event. All participants are required to attend all formal session during the event. 

All registrants must apply for support for Workshop Fees.





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