CodeName Name by which the code or code package is known.   PyLith
 Version  Version number of the code.   2.1.1
 Variant  OS version of the code if applicable or other difference in packaging.   Darwin or
  Linux 32 bit
 Developers  The main developers involved in producing the software, the code authors.   Pylith Team or Aagaard, B., C. Williams, and M. Knepley
 CitationList  List of works to be cited.   Aagaard et al., 2013a; Aagaard et al., 2013b
 License  License under which the code has been released.   MIT Expat
 Identifier  A unique string that identifies the code.  10.5281/zenodo.31888 or
 identifierType  Describes Identifer above (controlled list).   DOI or GIT
 Repository  Location from which a software package maybe retrieved.
 Publisher  The name of the entity that holds, archives, publishes, prints, distributes, releases, issues, or produces the resource.   Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics 
 FundingAgency  Institution that provided financial support for the development of the resource.   National Science Foundation
 GrantNumber  Grant identification number.   NSF-0949446
 Day  Relevant date which helps to identify the point in time a code was accessed.     04
 Month    July
 Year    1776 
 dateType  Describes Day Month Year above (controlled list).   Download, clone or release


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