Work Plans


Hiroaki Matsui will document and release Calypso - a Boussinesq spectral transform code.

Nick Featherstone will begin development of a new dynamo code based on ASH that will scale to tens of thousands of processors. This new HPC spectral code will have the advanced parallelization of the ASH code, allowing for more realistic, turbulent systems to be studied than are presently accessible to the dynamo community.  

The community will undertake a benchmark exercise of existing dynamo codes.  The benchmark will be developed by the Working Group and be available to the international community.  The benchmark will test accuracy as well as performance. Performance benchmarking will be run by CIG Staff on Stampede.

Past Activity


Following the successful 2012 Geodynamo Developers Workshop, the Geodynamo Working Group developed a proposal for a Community Dynamo Code Development and Benchmark Project.  Hiroaki Matsui and Nick Featherstone were identifed as key developers for the project to be supported by CIG. The proposal was accepted by CIG. 

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