Work Plan


Magma Working Group plans to contribute a general multi-physics modeling capability for plate-boundary scale magma-dynamics problems.  The group will document and release TerraFERMA (TF) as an open source CIG code.  In support of this release, the group plans on developing a core of alpha users and integrate the developemnt of TF with core PETSc development for multi-physics problems.

Past Activity


  • General proposal for magma dynamics development was formulated and approved by CIF. Start date depends on initial release of TerraERMA (TF)
  • Cian Wilson and Marc Spiegelman,  previewed TF at the Mantle convection/Lithospheric Deformation Workshop in Davis.
  • Wilson has continued major development on TF which will be described in two manuscripts (supported by GeoPrisms).  The first is a general description of TF design , implementation and benchmarking to accompany the open-source release.  The second is a science paper that uses TF to explore coupled fluid-solid flow in subduction zones.
  • Wilson and Spiegelman have begun  discussion on next phase of development with Matt Knepely and Jed Brown, including a phased migration  of some of the lower level functionality of TF from FEniCS (Dolfin) to PETSc.   
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