LaGrit Examples

Example 1
Intersect Two 3D Tet Meshes, Refine Volume of Intersection, Remove Intersecting Tets
Example 2
Hexahedra to 5, 6 or 24 Tetrahedra
Example 3
Intersect Two Surfaces, Make Hole in Surface Defined by Intersection
Example 4
Intersect Two Surfaces, Extract Line Object Defined by Surface Intersections
Example 5
Triangulate a Polygon, Use refine, smooth to Change Mesh Size and Quality
Example 6
Compute Median Point of Tri, Quad, Hex, Tet and Color By Median Value
Example 7
Triangulate Multiple Polygons and Modify Triangle Size With massage to Refine, Derefine and Smooth.
Example 8
Create a Triangulation With a Degenerate Internal Edge Which Creates a Non-Matching Triangulation
Example 9
Connect a Tet Mesh to a Hex Mesh Using Pyramid Elements
Example 10
Use PSETS and set Z(x,y) Surface To Max[Z(x,y)] of Two Surfaces
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