Applications Received 

Total: 19 

Brad Aagaard, USGS*
Kali Allison, University of Maryland*
Alexander Berne, Caltech*
Grant Block, University of New Mexico*
Jed Brown, CU Boulder*
Ray Cakir, Washington Geological Survey
Jiaqi Fang, Caltech*
Laiyin Guo, Southern University of Science and Technology
Michael Gurnis, Caltech*
Taeho Kim, Caltech*
Matthew Knepley, University of Buffalo*
Rey Koki, University of Colorado Boulder*
Shengduo Liu, Caltech*
Arun Prasath R, Ministry of Earth Sciences, India
Théa Ragon, Caltech*
Mousumi Roy, University of New Mexico*
Mahesh Shrivastava, Universidad Católica del Norte
Robert Walker, University of Buffalo*
Charles Williams, GNS Science*


Last updated 4 June 2021

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