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AUTHORS (last name, first name)   PRESENTATION TITLE 
Burnley, Pamela   The importance of stress percolation to ductile deformation and shear localization in rocks
de Riese, Tamara
Bons, Paul D.
Gomez-Rivas, Enrique
Griera, Albert
llorens, Maria-Gema
Weikusat, Ilka
  Influence of initial preferred orientations on strain localization in non-linear viscous anisotropic materials

Feng, He
Gerbi, Christopher
Johnson, Scott E.

  Rheological Bridge Zone - The Initialization of Localization

Grujic, Djordje
Rolfe, Olivia

  Strength Profile Across a Continental-Scale Shear Zone

Hubbard, Mary

  Cross Faults and Their Role in Himalayan Tectonics

Ito, Garrett
Moore, Gregory F.

  Widths of Imbricate Thrust Blocks and the Strength of the Front of Accretionary Wedges and Fold-and-Thrust Belts

Johnson, Scott E.
Gerbi, Christopher
Song, Won Joon
Feng, He

  Microscale stress heterogeneities: Mechanical, rheological, and mineralogical impact

Kenyon, Lindsey
Wada, Ikuko

  Modeling the Effects of Oblique Subduction on Mantle Wedge Seismic Anisotropy

Klepeis, Keith A.
Schwartz, Joshua J.
Miranda, Elena

  Shear zone evolution by depth in the continental lithosphere, SW New Zealand

Knight, Ben
Capitanio, Fabio
Weinberg, Roberto F.

  Strain localization in the crust: the influence of viscoplastic rheology

Levy, Drew A.
Odlum, M.
DesOrmeau, Joel

  Deformed Apatite Dates Deformation: Investigating the effect of crystal plastic deformation on U-Pb systematics

Liang, Chao
Ampuero, Jean-paul
Munoz, Daniel Pino

  Deep ductile shear localization facilitates near-orthogonal strike-slip faulting in a thin brittle lithosphere

Liu, Yiduo
Tan, Xibin
Ye, Yijian
Zhou, Chao
Lu, Renqi
Murphy, Michael A.
Xu, Xiwei
Suppe, John

  Role of erosion in creating thrust recesses in a critical wedge: An example from eastern Tibet

Llorens, Maria-Gema
Griera, Albert
Gomez-Rivas, Enrique
Bons, Paul D.
Weikusat, Ilka
Prior, David J.
Lebensohn, Ricardo

  Insights into seismic anisotropy of temperate ice during simple shear deformation

Lusk, Alexander
Platt, John P.

  Polyphase ultramylonite development during shear zone evolution

Morrow, Thomas
Olive, Jean-Arthur
Behn, Mark D.
Smalls, Paris

  A More Responsive M: Dike Injection via Diffuse Yielding in 2-D Rift Models

Olive, Jean-Arthur
Betka, Paul
Malatesta, Luca
Bruhat, Lucile
Petit, Leo
Oppenheimer, Julie
Demont, Antoine
Buck, W. Roger

  Zooming in on distributed brittle deformation across the Rio Grande rift shoulder

Olivia, Sarah Jaye
Ebinger, Cynthia
Rivalta, Eleonora
Williams, Charles
Wauthier, Christelle
Currie, Claire

  State-of-stress and stress rotations: Quantifying the role of surface topography and subsurface density contrasts in magmatic rift zones (Easter Rift, Africa)

Sandiford, Dan
Brune, Sascha
Glerum, Anne
Naliboff, John

  Hanging wall deformation in the Western Rift

Tholen, Soeren 
Linckens, Jolien

  Phase-dependent recrystallization and its impact on mixing
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