Summary on Plans for Future Workshops

 Discussion led by Mark Simons on priorities for future workshops.

Meeting location options

  • Lake Tahoe
  • Boulder, CO
  • Snowbird, Utah

Meeting content and format

  • Less tutorial-oriented than present meeting.
  • Ratio of talk time to tinker time
    • Ratio seems about right, but possibly make sure that everyone has the software they need installed at the beginning of the meeting.
    • Possibly have a format that includes talks in the morning and tinker time in the afternoon.
  • Meeting length. Does 3.5 days seem about right?
    • One possibility is to have a whole week, possibly with an optional 5th day.
  • Benchmarks.
    • Mechanism for evaluating benchmark results.
    • Need to compile results for comparison.
    • Someone needs to be in charge of keeping the benchmark process moving forward.
      • Charles Williams is willing to spearhead the benchmark effort, but will need to delegate responsibilities.
      • Need to create a matrix of benchmarks, codes, and people planning to run them.
  • Science.
    • New constitutive relationships - discussions of what is needed.
      • Poroelasticity.
    • Geologic complexity. How important are variations?
    • Visitors to discuss other science aspects.
      • Other CIG groups. This could be related to the idea of time-scale coupling.
      • Inverse theory/optimization.
      • Structural geology and/or rock mechanics.
    • Data driving the computations. How model feedback could influence the planning for future observations.
    • Case studies. Examples might include Parkfield, Landers, seismic cyle studies, etc.
  • Presentations for commercial packages. It would be best to have someone from the community do this rather than a company representative.

Workshop Planning Committee

  • Goal of workshop is to enable people to do modeling, not to just present results.
  • Don't want to duplicate another meeting/workshop.
  • Workshop "wing" of CIG?
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