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To receive general announcements, you may either subscribe to the cig-all mailing list OR join our forum.  All emails to cig-all are moderated and forwarded to the forum. By signing up for the forum, you will by default receive all Announcement messages. You may also choose to set notifications for any other forum categories. Categories replace all other mailing lists below.


cig-all general news and announcements archive subscribe/change
cig-jobpostings community job postings archive  
cig-help technical support questions    
events event questions    
contact general inquiries and feedback    

Working Groups

cig-cs Computational Science archive   
cig-geodyn  Geodynamo archive   
cig-long  Long-Term Tectonics archive   
cig-magma Magma Migration archive   
cig-mc Mantle Convection archive   
cig-seismo Seismology archive   
cig-short Short-Term Crustal Dynamics archive  
Aspect-devel ASPECT Developer Discussion archive  

Version Control Notification

cig-commits notification of repository changes archive  



To post a message to cig-all list members, send an email to the mailing list address.  All other lists have been moved to the forum.


Choose archive to view all previous postings for each mailing list.


To search the mailing list archives, use search box on the website banner (upper left hand corner).


For mailing list that are open for subscription, choose subscribe/change to join. Complete the form and respond to the confirmation email to complete your subscription.  For all other closed mailing lists, please see the forum and set notifications for the category you wish to watch;

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