LaGriT Example: Intersect Two 3D Tet Meshes, Refine Volume of Intersection, Remove Intersecting Tets



*--*  ex_addmesh_add
*--*  Header Begin
*--* LAGriT Example Input file
* Carl Gable
* gable -at- lanl -dot- gov
*--* Create a rough and fine mesh,
*--*  Insert the fine mesh inside the course mesh,
*--*  Refine the course mesh near the fine mesh,
*--*  Delete elements of the course mesh that intersect the fine mesh
*--*  Put the two MO into a single MO
*--*  Copy the point distribution into a tet MO
*--*  Connect the points to a Delaunay mesh
*--* ----------------------------------------------------
*--* Header End
*--* ex_addmesh_add

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