2021 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2021 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 13

DI13A-04 - Controls on basaltic pile formation in the lower mantle. Kiran Chotalia, Juliane Dannberg, and Rene Gassmoeller.

DI13A-07 - The Interplay Between Recycled and Primordial Heterogeneities: Predicting Earth Mantle Dynamics Via Numerical Modeling. Matteo Desideri, Anna J. P. Gülcher, and Maxim Ballmer.

DI15B-0014 - Interrogating Core Mantle Boundary Structure Using P2KP Diffracted Phases and High Frequency Synthetic Seismograms. Stuart Russel, Sanne Cottaar, and Jessica C E Irving.

DI15B-0015 - A new global dataset of long period S wave travel time and attenuation measurements sensitive to lower mantle. Stephanie Durand, Eric Debayle, Yanick R Ricard, and Thomas Bodin.

DI15B-0019 - The Morphology, Evolution and Seismic Visibility of Partial Melt at the Core-Mantle Boundary: Implications for ULVZs. Juliane Dannberg, Robert Myhill, Rene Gassmoeller, and Sanne Cottaar.

DI15B-0023 - New body-wave time-delay database towards improving the seismic tomography of the lowermost mantle. Lei LI, Stéphanie Durand, Yanick R Ricard, and Eric Debayle.
DI15C-0028 - Seismic Imaging of the Pacific Plate using Amphibious Receiver Function with Tuned Dereverberation Filters. Ziqi Zhang and Tolulope Olugboji

EP12D-08 - Plume-induced heat flux anomalies and the associated thinning of the continental lithosphere. Björn Heyn and Clinton P. Conrad.

G15C-06 - CitcomSVE: A Publicly Available Software Package for Modeling Earth and Planetary Mantle’s Viscoelastic Deformation in Response to Surface and Tidal Loads. Shijie Zhong, Kaixuan Kang, Geruo A, and Chuan Qin.

IN14B-05 - Using machine learning to select frequency windows on the normal-mode spectra. Shiyu Zen, Hsin-Ying Yang, Jeroen Tromp, and Li Zhao.

S11B-04 - Adjoint Seismic Tomography of the Antarctic Continent Incorporating both Earthquake Waveforms and Green's Functions from Ambient Noise Correlation. Zhengyang Zhou, Douglas Wiens, and Andrew Jason Lloyd.

S12B-07 - Accounting for Oceanic Reverberations in MERMAID Waveforms. Rachel Willis, Ebru Bozdag and Roel Snieder.

S13B-023D - Numerical Modeling of the Asymmetry of the Seismic Source for Underground Explosions. Carene S Larmat, Zhou Lei, Yu-Hsuan Lee, and Howard J Patton.

S14B-05 - An Analysis of Recorded and Simulated SH Wave Reverberations in the Upper Mantle beneath the USArray. Meichen Liu, Jeroen Ritsema, and Carlos Alberto Moreno Chaves.

S15C-0261 - Modeling the Effect of Subsurface Structure on Shear Wave Generation: the Case of the Yucca Flat Basin at the Source Physics Experiment Phase II Site. Ting Chen,, Carene S Larmat, Richard Alfaro-Diaz, Charlotte A Rowe, W. Scott Phillips, Asher May, and Joshua Rubin Abrams.

S15D-0273 - Removal of Continuous Topographic Scattering in Dense Array Receiver Functions Imaging. Siyuan Zhang, Zengxi Ge, and Zhen Guo.

S15E-0292 - Effect of the Coriolis Force on Body Wave Polarization Anomalies Inferred From 3D Wave Simulations. Neala Creasy, Daniel Andrew Frost, Ebru Bozdag, and Roel Snieder.

S15E-0299 - Cartesian Meshing Spherical Earth (CMSE): A code package for meshing the earth geometry based on SPECFEM3D_Cartesain. Guoliang Li,, Min Chen, Jiaqi Li, and Ross Maguire.

T15C-0181 - Numerical Modeling of Lithospheric Drip and Associated Melts at the East African Rift. Carlos Daniel Gomez.


Tuesday, December 14

DI21A-07 - Overriding Plate Topography Shaped by Subduction Evolution. Antoniette Greta Grima, Thorsten W Becker, and Claudio Faccenna.

DI25A-0004 - Controls on plate tectonic evolution: from Early Earth to present day. Elodie Kendall, Stephan V. Sobolev, Dr. Sascha Brune, Anne Glerum, and Frederic Gehrke.

DI25B-0028 - The Segregation of Recycled Basaltic Material Within Mantle Plumes Explains the Detection of the X-Discontinuity Beneath Hotspots: 2D Geodynamic Simulations. Martina Monaco, Juliane Dannberg, and Rene Gassmoeller.

G24A-05 - Viscoelastic heterogeneity and San Andreas Fault seismic-cycle deformation: An investigation using PyLith finite-element models and the SCEC Community Rheology Model. Elizabeth H Hearn.

G25B-0357 - Power-law Viscoelastic Flow of the Lower Makran Accretionary Prism Following the 2013 Baluchistan Earthquake. Guo Cheng and William D Barnhart.

G25C-0370 - Numerical analysis of postseismic displacement of infer the lithospheric strength beneath the East Sea (Sea of Japan). Hyeon Seob Kim, Nawon Kim, Minsu Kim, and Byung-Dal So.

P25E-2199 - Can a Seismometer Detect Events from Europa’s Silicate Interior? Yes, if ... . Angela G Marusiak, Mark P Panning, Steve Vance, Simon C Staehler, and Saikiran Tharimen.

S21C-04 - Cube2sph: a toolkit enabling accurate and efficient continental-scale seismic wave simulation using SPECFEM3D. Qinya Liu, Tianshi Liu, Bin He, Kai Wang, Yujiang Xie, Catherine Rychert, and Nicholas Harmon.

S21C-05 - Seismic Imaging of Fault Zone Structure Using 3-D Full Waveform Inversion of Denoised Ambient Noise Cross-correlation (ANC) from 1-D Linear Arrays. Xiang Li, Hongrui Qiu, and Fenglin Niu.

S23B-07 - Mantle Q structure from S, SS, SSS and SSSS amplitude measurements. Min Zhu, Shuyang Sun, Ying Zhou, and Qingju Wu.

S25G-0317 - Adjoint tomography of the Colima Volcanic Complex using seismic ambient noise. Eduardo Valero Cano, Armando Espindola-Carmona, and Daniel B Peter.

T24A-03 - A Reference Dataset of Short-Period Surface Wave Dispersion for Model Update of the African Crust. Siyu Xue and Tolulope Olugboji

T25B-0176 - Autoadaptive Bayesian Construction of Short-period Phase Velocity Maps and Uncertainties Across Africa. Yuri Tamama and Tolulope Olugboji

T25C-0193 - A time-dependent catalog of episodic tremor and slow slip in Cascadia. Noel M Bartlow and Charles A Williams Jr.

T25E-10 - The effect of mantle convection modulated by mantle temperature heterogeneity on rifting propagation. Min Seok Jang and Byung-Dal So.


Wednesday, December 15

DI34A-04 - Geodynamic Drivers of the East African Rift System (Invited). Anne Glerum and Sascha Brune.

DI34A-06 - ThermoCodegen: New Software for Consistent Integration of Thermodynamics and Geodynamics. Marc W Spiegelman, Owen Evans, Mark S Ghiorso, Lucy E L Tweed, and Cian R Wilson.

DI35A-0001 - Dynamics of Upper and Lower Mantle Subduction and its Effects on the Amplitude and Pattern of Mantle Convection. Erik van der Wiel, Cedric Thieulot, Wim Spakman, and Douwe J J Van Hinsbergen.

DI35A-0004 - Rheological Memory in Global Plate-like Mantle Convection. Lukas Fuchs and Thorsten W Becker.

DI35A-0008 - How phase transitions change convection patterns through the Earth’s history: A modeling study. Ranpeng Li, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmoeller, Carolina R Lithgow-Bertelloni, and Lars P Stixrude.

DI35D-0051 - Effects of the latent heat at the inner core boundary on the thermal structure at ICB in numerical dynamo simulations. Hiroaki Matsui.

DI35D-0070 - The generation mechanism of the equatorially antisymmetric flow associated with dipole reversal in geodynamo simulation. Takumi Kera, Hiroaki Matsui, Masaki Matsushima, and Yuto Katoh.

G31A-05 - Solid Earth uplift due to contemporary ice melting above low-viscosity regions of Greenland’s upper mantle. Maaike F. M. Weerdesteijn, Clinton P Conrad, Jesse Reusen, Rebekka Steffen, and John B Naliboff.

NH33A-08 - The role of topographic amplification in triggering landslides from the 2005 M7.6 Kashmir Earthquake. Audrey Dunham,, Eric Kiser, Jeffrey S Kargel, Umesh K Haritashya, Scott Watson, and Daniel H Shugar.

S35A-03 - Teleseismic P-waves from secondary microseism events: a systematic comparison between sea-state hindcast and seismic data back-projection. Ruohan Zhang, Pierre Boué, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Michel Campillo, and Ma Jianwei.

T35A-0186 - Modeling the Effects of Initial Continental Rift Structure on the Symmetry and Vergence of Collisional Orogens Formed by Rift Inversion. Dylan Alexander Vasey, John B Naliboff, and Eric Cowgill.


Thursday, December 16 

DI45A-0006 - Developing Instantaneous Subduction Models to Investigate ThermalShear Instability as a Deep Focus Earthquake Failure Mechanism in the Tonga Subduction Zone. Rebecca A Fildes, Magali I Billen, and Marcel Thielmann.

DI45C-0022 - Piercing Point Dependent Seismic Azimuthal Anisotropy Observed in Central China and Its Geodynamic Implications. Yan Jia, Kelly Hong Liu, Fansheng Kong, Lin Liu, and Stephen S Gao.

DI45C-0024 - Effects of Crust and 3D Mantle Heterogeneity on Shear Wave Splitting Using 3D Wave Simulations. Neala Creasy and Ebru Bozdag.

DI45C-0025 - A ray-theory based imaging approach for constraining upper mantle anisotropy using teleseismic shear wave delays. Rosalia Lo Bue, Brandon VanderBeek, Francesco Rappisi, and Manuele Faccenda.

DI45C-0027 - Constraining deep mantle anisotropy with shear wave splitting measurements: Challenges and new measurement strategies. Jonathan Wolf, Maureen D Long, Kuangdai Leng, and Tarje Nissen-Meyer.

DI45E-12 - Reproducing Present-Day Plate Motions in High-Resolution Global Mantle Flow Models with Plate Boundaries. Arushi Saxena, Juliane Dannberg, and Rene Gassmoeller.

DI45E-13 - Towards an Investigation of the Effects of Dynamic Topography on Vertical Land Motions Along the North American Atlantic Coast. Karen Williams, D. Sarah Stamps, Jacqueline Austermann, Tahiry Andriantsoa Andriantsoa Rajaonarison, and Emmanuel Atem Njinju.

H45J-1300 - Poroelasticity and Poroelastic Benchmarking in Pylith. Robert Lewis Walker II, Matthew Knepley, Brad Aagaard, and Charles A Williams Jr.

MR43A-07 - On the Implementation and Usability of CPO Evolution in Geodynamic Modelling. Menno Fraters and Magali Billen.

P45B-1093 - Extending the open-source code ASPECT to solve the sea level equation on a heterogeneous Earth. Maaike F. M. Weerdesteijn, Clinton P Conrad, Andrew Hollyday, Jacqueline Austermann, and Rene Gassmoeller.

S44B-08 - Global Centroid Moment Tensors based on 3D Green's Functions. Lucas Sawade, Stephen Beller, Wenjie Lei, Goran Ekstrom, and Jeroen Tromp.

T41A-06 - Understanding the Socorro Magma Body based on an 16+ yr record of geodetic observations. Mousumi Roy, Ronni Grapenthin, Grant Block, Emily Jo Graves, Mark H Murray, and Andrew Vern Newman.

T41D-03 - Revisiting the Effects of Shear Zone Strength, Low Temperature Plasticity and Mantle Phase Transitions in 2-D Subduction Dynamics. Haoyuan Li and Magali I Billen.

T42A-06 - Investigating Potential Melt Sources for the Magma-Poor Albertine-Rhino Graben of the East African Rift System Using 3D Geodynamic Modeling with ASPECT. Asenath Kwagalakwe, D. Sarah Stamps, Emmanuel Atem Njinju, and Estella A Atekwana.

T43D-03 - Control of Upper Crustal Rock Strengths on the Extension and Propagation of Early-Stage Continental Rifting: Insights from Fracture Mechanics. Solomon Seyum, Cade Quigley, and Folarin Kolawole.

T44A-01 - The effects of an evolving subduction thermal structure on dehydration and rheology: coupling geodynamic and thermodynamic models with the experimental and rock records. Cailey Brown Condit, Adam Holt, and Victor Guevara.

T45B-0210 - A Mass-Conserving Thermal Structure for Slabs in Instantaneous Models of Subduction. Magali I Billen and Menno Fraters.

T45B-0232 - Three-dimensionality of Slab Thermal Structure in Dynamic Subduction Models. Valeria Turino and Adam Holt.


Friday, December 17

IN52A-06 - The TEMPEST Initiative. James H Roberts, Alyssa Rhoden, Matthew Walker, Maxwell L Rudolph, Jonathan Kay, Justin Krier, and Malick Gaye.

P55C-1945 - Seismic Analogs for the Detection of Subsurface Lunar and Martian Void Spaces. Linden Wike, Nicholas C Schmerr, Ernest Bell, Doyeon Kim, Jacob A Richardson, Kelsey Young, and Patrick Whelley.

S51B-07 - Three-Dimensional Kinematics and the Crustal Deformation of Tsunami Earthquakes. Oluwaseun Idowu Fadugba and Diego Melgar.

S52B-06 - One Year of Sound Recorded by a MERMAID Float in the Pacific: Infrasonic Noise and Hydroacoustic Signals. Sirawich Pipatprathanporn and Frederik J Simons.

S55C-0148 - Analysis of Hydroacoustic Signals from the 4 August 2020 Beirut Explosion. Ross Geoffrey Heyburn and Stuart E.J. Nippress.        

S55E-0189 - Coupled Models in PyLith for Earthquake Cycle Simulations. Kali L Allison, Brad Aagaard, and Matthew Knepley.

S55E-0197 - Moment tensor solutions and 3D wavefield simulation in Garhwal Himalayas. Vipul Silwal and Rinku Mahanta.

T51B-02 - The Evolution of Fold and Thrust Structures in the North-West Himalayas and their Implications for Seismic Hazard in the Region. Aisling O'Kane, Alex Copley, Supriyo Mitra, and Samuel Edward Wimpenny.

T52A-01 - Modeling slab temperature and dehydration evolution over the lifetime of a subduction zone. Adam Holt and Cailey Brown Condit.

T55E-0114 - Laterally Heterogeneous Crustal Mechanical Properties Control Early Rift Asymmetry. Cade Quigley, Solomon Seyum, and Folarin Kolawole.








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