Work Plan


Activities in Support of Goals and Objectives

Activity 1. Finalize adoption of AXISEM.

Activity 2. Pursue finite-difference codes for seismic wave propagation

Activity 3. Assessment of normal modes codes

Activity 4. Broadened tutorials of main codes for on-line and in person workshops

Activity 5. Workflows, IO and Acceleration of SPECFEM3D and SPECFEM3D_GLOBE


Past Activity


CIG/QUEST/IRIS Joint Workshop on Seismic Imaging of Structure and Source, July 14-17, 2013, Fairbanks, Alaska. Researchers presented theoretical developments and applications in computational seismology with regard to earth structure and earthquake sources. Tutorials featured the wave propagation code AXISEM and the workflow toolkit ObsPy as well as the wave propagation code SPECFEM3D and the associated hexahedral meshing software GEOCUBIT. 

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