CIG's cyberinfrastructure focuses on the creation and distribution of open-source software through the:

  • preservation and availability of software and algorithms,
  • incorporation of modern virtual technology in the dissemination and distribution of code, and
  • documentation of code, workshops, meetings, and technical reports. 

CIG hosts codes in a wide range of disciplines in geodynamics and computational science including geodynamo, long-term tectonics, magma migration, mantle dynamics, seismology, and short-term crustal dynamics.  For researchers interested in including CIG in their data management plan, please see our Code Donation policy.

CIG provides pathways to high-performance computing for researchers. Computing time is available for small test runs allowing researchers to run tests for proposal development. Contact: for more information.

Guide to Software Pages

Each software page provides users with the necessary information to get started with the code including how to use and how to find help. A brief description of the general types of problems the code is designed to model along with release notes for the most recent versions is followed by downloadable binaries (tarballs.) All codes include documentation and/or tutorials and examples. For additional help and tips, consult the code's Wiki page. The Mail List sends your questions out to mail list subscribers for additional support.

Descriptions of support Status and Licensing can be found elsewhere on this site.

Developers may check out the software from the CIG repository and create their own development branch. Doxygen documentation and bug tracking is also available.


Please submit references to all publications resulting from the usage of CIG software.


abc_logo.png   Access and export attribution and citation information for all software packages by clicking on the above icon or by clicking on the icon from the software pages.

Users can also consult individual software manuals for licensing and acknowledgement information. Include version number when referencing all codes.

In addition, CIG should be acknowledged as follows:

[Insert software name] is hosted by the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) which is supported by the National Science Foundation award NSF-0949446 and NSF-1550901.

If you are using XSEDE resources please see: Developers>XSEDE Resources


Please include a CIG logo on your meeting posters. 

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