Work Plan


Software Development

  • Continue PyLith development (see CIG PyLith wiki):
    • earthquake cycle modeling
    • multiphysics
    • data assimilation
    • code reorganization to support new features

Community Activities

  • Provide training via virtual workshops
  • Continue series of in-person workshops on biannual basis (even years).


  • Observationally constrained and internally consistent physics for the entire seismic cycle
  • Observationally constrained and internally consistent physics for tectonics of magmatic systems, geothermal systems, the cryosphere, and induced seismicity from fluid injection
  • Observationally constrained modeling of crustal deformation associated with surface loads

Past Activity


Code Release:

Pylith 2.0.3 This release provides several small updates for (1) improved CUBIT/Trelis compatibility in example journal files, (2) building with recent versions of automake, and (3) additional examples from the 2014 Crustal Deformation Modeling Workshop tutorials.

Pylith 2.1.0 This release 1) requires stations names for output at arbitrary points; 2) includes a progress monitor; 3) miscellaneous bug fixes.

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