Short-Term Tectonics Benchmarks 

June 17, 2010



Strike-slip (no gravity)

Reverse-slip (no gravity)

Reverse-slip (with gravity)

Savage and Prescott Simulation

Proposed Benchmarks

Savage and Prescott Variations

  • Slip through entire elastic layer
  • Drucker-Prager in crust
  • Different rheologies in "mantle" (generalized Maxwell, power-law)

Gravity Benchmark with Prestresses and Finite Strain

  • Cube with a solid sphere of same density
  • Cube with a solid sphere of different density (quasi-static)

Repeated Subduction Earthquakes with Gravity and Finite Strain (Thatcher and Rundle, 1982 Solution)

  • Maybe compare to Bardot and Fialko (2010) solution?
  • Two-dimensional?
  • Maxwell viscoelastic
  • Additional rheologies for both crust (e.g., elastoplastic) and mantle (power-law, generalized Maxwell)


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