The Seismology Working Group promotes and informs the development of open source seismic wave propagation codes in support of seismic source and structure studies, as well as cross-cutting investigations in natural hazards, resource assessments, and planetary geophysics. Seismology codes support both research and learning using a broad range of computing architectures. We aim to anticipate trends in computing and data in order to advance scientific discovery. We welcome feedback from the entire seismological community.

Committee Members

  • Carl Tape, Lead (University of Alaska at Fairbanks)
  • Ebru Bozdag (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Carene Larmat (Los Alamos National Lab)
  • Arthur Rodgers (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
  • Andrew Valentine (Durham University)

Upcoming Workshops


Software Packages

AxiSEM            Burnman        Flexwin            Mineos           SEISMIC CPML           SW4




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