2021-22 Webinar - SMOREs Showcase

Oct 14th 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

SMOREs Showcase



Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification of Subduction Zone Rheology from the Geoid
Elena Ehrlich, North Carolina State University

Early Earth Influence of Radiogenic Heating on Mid-Ocean Ridge Depths and Seafloor Subsidence
Keneni Godana, University of Illinois at Chicago

As Above So Below: A Simulation of the Continental Lithosphere and LLSVPS as Thermal Insulators using ASPECT
Dante Hickey, Reed College

Interactions between Lithospheric Instabilities and Formation of Mantle Plumes in Venus
Hiva Mohammadzadeh, Los Angeles Pierce College

Members of the geodynamics community come from a broad range of fields. Many of these fields are among the least diverse in STEM. The challenges for computational geodynamics are not only to increase competency in earth and computational science but also in recruiting from an undergraduate student pool that in itself lacks diversity. The CIG 2021 Summer MOdeling Research Experiences (SMOREs) pilot program focused on addressing these issues by providing underrepresented groups funded training and research opportunities. In total, 4 applicants from a broad range of backgrounds and expertise were selected for the program out of 35 highly qualified applications. Following 2 weeks of virtual tutorials, the applicants worked with mentor pairs at different CIG-member institutions on projects ranging from mantle dynamics to magmatism within the lithosphere. This webinar will contain a short, AGU-style presentation from each SMOREs participants on the results of their summer research and plans going forward. We welcome all members of the community to join for the conclusion of the pilot CIG program!

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