Workshop Discussion on CIG Priorities

Discussion on CIG priorities for short-term geodynamics led by Brad Aagaard.

  • Brad Aagaard has a number of slides that will be posted as a PDF on the website.
  • Workflow diagram. Which portion of the workflow is highest priority?
  • Summary of short-term priorities. The order of these may be revised. Items in bold are applicable to multiple CIG working groups.
    • PyLith development.
    • CIG build procedure.
    • Mesh preprocessing.
    • Benchmark archiving.
      • Mesh interrogator.
  • Summary of long-term priorities.
    • Multiple earthquake cycles.
    • Code coupling between working groups.
    • Adaptive mesh refinement.
    • Sensitivity modeling (adjoint).
    • Data assimilation.
    • Large deformation.
    • Improve solver efficiency (multigrid).


  • LithoMop and EqSim (8 months).
    • Stable code, Pyrized, parallel.
    • Use sieve for mesh topology.
    • Implement faults with cohesive elements.
    • Linear and parabolic tet and hex elements.
    • Most widely used constitutive models.
  • PyLith (4 months).
    • Integration of LithoMop and EqSim.
    • Pyrized, parallel, modular.
    • Use FIAT for basis functions and quadrature.
  • Requests
    • Documentation.
    • Regression testing.
    • Simulation Controller.
    • Ease of use.
      • Setting up boundary conditions, etc.
      • More automatic setting of parameters (convergence criteria, etc.).
Okada Code
Pyrized version of Okada dislocation code (2 weeks?).
  • Serve as example of Pyrizing code.
  • Become module used in other codes?
Mesh Preprocessing (mesh topology)
Common denominator between mesh generators and physics codes.
  • Holds mesh topology.
    • Nodes.
    • Elements.
    • Lists/groups of nodes and elements for BC, etc.
  • Tools.
    • Create "faults" (code dependent).


Benchmark archiving
Tools to facilitate benchmarking.
  • Repository archiving.
    • Simulation metadata.
      • Software name.
      • Software version.
      • Benchmark name.
      • ...
    • Simulation output data files.
    • Discretization information.
      • Basis functions.
      • Element shape.
Spatialdata: Boundary conditions and material properties
Tool for specifying field over some spatial domain.
  • Need standard interface for plug-n-play.
  • Common functionality with mesh interrogator.
    • Search for point in space.
    • Interpolation of field.
  • Simple spatialdata package for simple fields.
    • Current status.
      • Efficient for data with only a few control points (< 100).
      • Doesn't support units.
      • No documentation.
    • TO DO
      • Needs documentation.
      • Support for units (few hours' work).
      • More efficient search algorithm (get from interrogator).
Revised year 1 priorities
Revised priorities after workshop.
  1. Workflow infrastructure. These are general CIG priorities.
    • Archiving facility. Change name to¬†Benchmark Infrastructure.
    • Mesh preprocessing. We probably have some short-term fixes, but need a long-term strategy. This is considered to include a mesh partitioning and refinement package being worked on by Matt Knepley.
  2. Build procedure. This is a general CIG priority.
  3. PyLith development. We want to make sure that PyLith has nearly all of the proposed functionality.
Revised year 2 priorities
Revised priorities after workshops. Some of these have been moved from previous short-term priorities. These are not ranked.
  • Spatialdata interface for material properties and boundary conditions.
  • Okada/layered-space/layered viscoelastic analytical solution package.
  • Adaptive mesh refinement.
  • Improve solvers (multigrid).

Working Group Action Items

  • Organization of working group.
    • Leader(s).
    • Use of CIG website.
      • cig-short listserv.
      • Work space.
  • Proposals to CIG SSC. These proposals should be submitted as coming from the entire cig-short list.
    • Benchmark archiving. Charles Williams has written a draft of this proposal and posted it on the website. Other workshop attendees/cig-short members should look over this and provide comments.
    • Mesh preprocessing. Brad Aagaard, Charles Williams, and Oliver Boyd will work on a draft of this proposal.
    • Mesh postprocessing?
    • Spatialdata?
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