2020 Fall AGU Presentations 

A mostly self-reporting list of presentations by CIG scientists at the 2020 Fall AGU meeting

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Monday, December 7

A002-0003 - Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of Hybrid Finite Element / Particle-In-Cell Methods for Modeling Geologic Processes. Mack Gregory & Elbridge Gerry Puckett.

DI001-07 - On the Earth’s Hydrostatic State. Shijie Zhong, Chuan Qin and Wei Mao.

S006-03 - 3-D Simulations of Seismo-acoustic Coupling over Topography. Jordan W W Bishop, David Fee, Ryan Modrak, Carl Tape and Keehoon Kim.

S007-01 - On the Single-Station Measurement of Ground-Coupled Airwaves: Discrimination of Martian Infrasound and Assessment of Terrestrial Setups (Invited). Leo Martire, Raphael Garcia, Aymeric Spiga, Lucie Rolland, Roland Martin, Philippe Henri Lognonné, Donald J Banfield, Jose A Rodriguez-Manfredi and William Bruce Banerdt.


Tuesday, December 8


Wednesday, December 9

A076-01 - An Investigation into Jupiter’s 2019 Equatorial Zone Disturbance: Modifying the Crème Brûlée Model. Emma Dahl, Nancy Chanover, Glenn S Orton, Kevin H Baines, James Andrew Sinclair, David Voelz and Patrick GJ Irwin.

DI005-0010 - Global lower-mantle structure from multifrequency tomography using teleseismic and core-diffracted body waves. Kasra Hosseini, Karin Sigloch, Maria Tsekhmistrenko, Afsaneh Mohammadzaheri, Tarje Nissen-Meyer and Heiner Igel.

DI005-0022 - Using P2KP Diffracted Phases and High Frequency Synthetic Seismograms to Interrogate Core Mantle Boundary Structure. Stuart Russell, Sanne Cottaar and Jessica C E Irving.

DI006-0005 - 3D data sensitivities of seismic phases to the upper-most outer core and D’’ region. Ridvan Orsvuran, John Rekoske and Ebru Bozdag.

DI006-0008 - Assessing Intrinsic versus Scattering Attenuation in Earth’s Inner Core. Ravi Wickramathilake and Vernon F Cormier.

DI006-0009 - Automatic Measurement and Quality Control of S3KS-S2KS Differential Traveltime and the Influence of Mantle Heterogeneity. Qing Ji, Xianbing Zhang and Li Zhao.

DI008-03 - Mantle Shear Wave Splitting based on 3D Seismic Wave Simulations (Invited). Neala Creasy and Ebru Bozdag.

DI008-04 - Kilometer-scale imaging on the core-mantle boundary at the source of the Hawaiian mantle plume. Zhi Li, Kuangdai Leng and Sanne Cottaar.

S017-07 - Near Real-Time Global Ambient Noise Source Inversions. Jonas Karl Hans Igel, Laura Ermert and Andreas Fichtner.

SA013-06 - Modeling of seismically-induced infrasonic acoustic wave signals in Earth’s electromagnetic field. Pavel Inchin, Matthew D Zettergren, Amy Williamson, Jonathan B Snively, Attila Komjathy and Diego Melgar.

S021-0004 - Identification of earthquakes and anthropogenic events around the southern Great Lakes. Dongdong Yao, Yihe Huang, Liang Xue, Yuning Fu, Jeff Fox and Andrew Gronewold.

T017-0004 - Slow Slip Events at the Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand, from 2006 to 2017. Charles A Williams, Laura M Wallace, Noel M Bartlow and A. John Haines.


Thursday, December 10

P037-09 - Simulation of seismic wave propagation on Ryugu induced by the SCI impact experiment of the Hayabusa2 mission: Limited seismic shaking due to low yield strength of the surface regolith. Gaku Nishiyama, Noriyuki Namiki, Kuangdai Leng, Seiji Sugita, Hiroshi Imamura, Hajime Yano, Chisato Okamoto, Yuichi Tsuda, Satoru Nakazawa, Taichi Kawamura, Benjamin Fernando, Keisuke Onodera, Takanao Saiki, Yasuhiko Takagi, Masahiko Hayakawa, Hirotaka Sawada, Kazunori Ogawa and Yu-ichi Iijima.

S031-0014 - Poroelastic Problems in Pylith. Robert Lewis Walker, Matthew Knepley, Brad Aagaard, Charles A Williams and Josimar A Silva.

S026-06 - Investigating early earthquake rupture characteristics with borehole strainmeters. Sydney Dybing, Diego Melgar, Andrew J Barbour, Alexandre Canitano and Dara E Goldberg.

T024-0011 - Assessing the Role of Lithospheric Buoyancy Forces and Mantle Flow in Driving Deformation across the East Africa Rift through 3D Geodynamic Modeling. Tahiry Andriantsoa Andriantsoa RajaonarisonD. Sarah Stamps and John B Naliboff.

V020-0013 - Investigating the effects of topography and magma reservoir structure on volcano-tectonic interactions in a youthful continental rift. Joshua Robert Jones, D. Sarah Stamps and Brad Aagaard.


Friday, December 11

DI016-0002 - Mantle Q Structure from S-wave Amplitude Measurements. Min Zhu, Shuyang Sun, Ying Zhou and Qingju Wu.

S040-04 - Constraining earthquake depth, source time function and focal mechanism and their associated uncertainties. Tom Garth, Karin Sigloch and Dmitry A Storchak.


Monday, December 14

G012-0006 - An Open-source 3D Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Modeling Code using ASPECT. Maaike Francine Maria Weerdesteijn, Clinton P Conrad, John Naliboff, Kate Selway.

G012-0007 - The Effects of Non-Newtonian Rheology in the Upper Mantle on GIA Observables. Kaixuan Kang, Shijie Zhong and Geruo A.

G012-0013 - Evaluating the Influence of Short-term Cryospheric Fluctuations on the Earthquake Cycle in Southern, Coastal Alaska. Jeanne M Sauber, Natalia A Ruppert, Jeffrey Todd Freymueller and Chris Rollins.

S045-0005 - Multi-physics approach to damage quantification by SPE/DAG explosions. Carene S LarmatErika SwansonEmily S Schultz-FellenzHoward J PattonZhou LeiBrandon Michael CrawfordMichael Cleveland.

S045-0014 - Structures at the Source Physics Experiment Phase II Site and Their Effects on Shear Wave Generation. Ting Chen, Carene S Larmat, Richard Alfaro-Diaz, Charlotte A Rowe, Joshua Rubin Abrams, Asher May and W. Scott Phillips.

S047-0019 - Regional Phases Attenuation in Caucasus. Duyi Li, Gurban Yetirmishli, Tea Godoladze, Hektor Babayan, Alexey Malovichko, John Nabelek, Kevin G Mackey and Eric A Sandvol.

S048-03 - A systematic study of seismic moment tensor inversions using a 3-D structural model: application to Central and Southern Mexico. Armando Espindola-Carmona, Eduardo Valero Cano and Daniel B Peter.

S048-05 - Characterizing the Effects of Noise on Receiver Function Estimation. Alexander Burky, Frederik J Simons and Jessica C E Irving.

S049-03 - Joint regional waveform and surface displacement inversion for the seismic moment tensor: Application to September 3, 2017 declared North Korean nuclear test. Rodrigo Chi-Duran, Douglas Scott Dreger and Arthur J Rodgers.

T041-0008 - Plume-Lithosphere Interactions and Melt Generation Beneath the Rungwe Volcanic Province, East Africa. Emmanuel Atem Atem NjinjuD. Sarah StampsTahiry Andriantsoa Andriantsoa RajaonarisonJames H R Gallagher and Kodi Neumiller.


Tuesday, December 15

DI024-0002 - Using Impacts to Initiate a Mobile-Lid Regime on Venus. Grant Euen and Scott D King.

DI024-0006 - The Role of the Nucleation Barrier on Lunar Geodynamo Evolution. Sara Gutierrez and Steven A. Hauck.

DI024-0011 - Detecting the Mantle Transition Zone of Mars From Seismic Triplicated and Reflected Waves. Quancheng Huang, Ross Maguire, Benjamin Fernando, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, Attilio Rivoldini, Carolina R Lithgow-Bertelloni, Henri Samuel, Philippe Henri Lognonné, Nicholas C. Schmerr, Daniele Antonangeli, Kuangdai Leng, Scott D King, Ana-Catalina Plesa, Tamara Gudkova, Domenico Giardini and William Bruce Banerdt.

DI024-0020 - Evaluating the Thermal and Geochemical Evolution of Mars. Fiona Clare McGroarty, Megan S Duncan and Matt B Weller.

G019-01 - The role of Episodic Tremor and Slip (ETS) in Cascadia: Slip budget, time-dependent behavior, and variability in recurrence, slip, slip rate, depth, and durations of events (Invited). Noel M Bartlow and Charles A Williams.

IN037-13 - Visualization and Analysis of 3D Data in the Geosciences Using the yt Platform. Christopher HavlinMatthew TurkBenjamin K HoltzmanLeigh OrfKelton HalbertJohn B NaliboffKacper KowalikMadicken Munk and Sam Walkow.

P067-0011 - The Search for n-Butane in Titan's Atmosphere. Brendan Steffens and Conor A Nixon.


Wednesday, December 16

DI029-0014 - Full-waveform modeling of lowermost mantle anisotropy scenarios using AxiSEM3D. Jonathan Wolf, Maureen D Long, Andrea Tesoniero, Kuangdai Leng and Tarje Nissen-Meyer.

IN045-06 - Seamless Access to Long-Tail and Big Data in Earth and Space Science via the EarthCube Brokering Cyberinfrastructure BALTO. D. Sarah StampsJames H R GallagherScott Dale PeckhamAnne SheehanNathan PotterKodi NeumillerEmmanuel Atem Atem Njinju StoicaZach M EastonDaniel R Fuka and David W Fulker.

S060-0004 - Simulations of Seattle Fault Earthquakes Incorporating Realistic Near-Surface Structure. Erin A Wirth, Ian Stone, Arthur D Frankel and Alex Grant.

S060-0011 - Sensitivity of modeled topographic effects to kinematic source parameters in 3D simulations of M6.5-7.0 earthquakes. Ian Stone, Erin Wirth and Arthur D Frankel.

S060-0012 - The Controls on Earthquake Ground Motion in Foreland-Basin Settings: The Effects of Basin and Source Geometry. Aisling O'Kane and Alex Copley.

S060-0014 - Exploring Basin Amplification Within The RenoMetropolitan Area Using A Magnitude 6.2 ShakeOutScenario. Eric Eckert, Michelle Scalise, John N Louie and Kenneth D Smith.

S060-0016 - Construction of a Database of Validated Simulated Ground Motions for the Evaluation of the Seismic Risk Posed to Distributed Infrastructure Systems: The San Francisco Bay Area Case Study. Floriana Petrone, Norman Abrahamson, David McCallen, Arben Pitarka and Arthur J Rodgers.

S064-0001 - 3D Full Waveform Inversion for Laterally Varying Layered Media. Michael Alex Zuev, Petr Petrov and Magomed Magomedov.

S064-0005 - Computation of Hessian Vector Product by Spectral-Element and Adjoint Methods Using Wavefield Storage Scheme. Lei Li, Yujiang Xie, Catherine Rychert, Nicholas Harmon, Petros Bogiatzis and Daniel B Peter.

P086-01 - The Influence and Detectability of Methane Clathrates on Seismic Velocity Structure: Applications to Titan and Icy Ocean Worlds. Angela G Marusiak, Mark P Panning and Steve Vance.


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