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What is the mileage reimbursement rate?

MIleage is reimbursed at the Federal reimbursement rate.  Please consult the GSA website for the latest rates. As of January 1, 2018 this rate is $0.545 per mile.

Can I submit a photograph of a receipt?

Yes.  Scanned or copied receipts are better.

Can I submit a scan receipt?

Scanned receipts and forms are permitted.

Do I need to submit receipts for meals?

You must submit receipts for all meals and all travel expenses over $75.  To substantiate charges and to ensure quicker processing of your travel expenses,  we ask that you submit receipts for all meals to ensure that no unallowable expenses (e.g. alcohol) are charged.

My air travel was booked by UC Davis, do I incude this on my Travel Reimbursement Request Form?

Yes, please include this in the  appropriate section of the form.

If I claim reimburesment for mileage, can I be reimbursed for gas?

No. You must choose either mileage or gas even if you used multiple forms of transportation.

I am combining this trip with other travel.  What should I do?

If air travel is involved, you must price a comparable direct travel itinerary. Please also provide a short explanation.

My itinerary changed. What should I do?

We do not reimburse for change fees. Please consult with staff. If approved, you MUST document the reason for the change such as a family emergency or unforeseen medical condition. For changes in air travel, include independent confirmation of itinerary and all receipts. 

Are rental cars and private limousine travel allowed?

If not specified in the event transportation options, contact us for approval.

Can I be reimbursed in foreign currency?

Yes. Please see Foreign Traveler instructions.

Can I set up a wire transfer?

Yes. Please see Foreign Traveler instructions.

I cannot find a domestic carrier for my itinerary, what do I do?

Please see Foreign Traveler instructions.

Can I be reimbursed for add-ons such as early check-in or extra legroom? 

Add-ons are allowable for medical necessity.


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