Work Plan


Science Goals and Objectives

Long Term Goal:  Provide flexible multi-physics modeling capability and training for the exploration of coupled fluid-solid mechanics with an emphasis on the dynamics of magmatic plate-boundaries.

Short Term Goal.   Release a general multi-physics modeling capability for plate-boundary scale magma-dynamics problems.

Short-Intermediate Term Goal.   Develop better PETSc support for multi-physics problems and demonstrate with a PETSc-only ridge model.

Intermediate Term Goal.  Develop a core group of users, and documented examples.

Activities in Support of Goals and Objectives

Activity 1:  Release TerraFERMA and contribute to CIG’s open source repository.

Activity 2.  Begin development on PETSc-based infrastructure.

Activity 3.  Community development, training and support.

Outreach & Professional Development

  1. Virtual workshop/training sessions in 2014 followed by a general multi-physics workshop sometime in 2015, possibly in coordination with other CIG meetings.
  2. TF training sessions focusing on magma-dynamics and general multi-physics problems as well as more general training/short courses in computational math possibly in conjunction with CIDER.
  3. Development of Educational Modules
  4. Synergistic activities. Tutorials/short courses in cooperation with other organizations e.g. CIDER.

Past Activity


TerraFERMA, the Transparent Finite Element Rapid Model Assembler, written by Cian Wilson (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University), is currently available as a pre-alpha developers release at  The code is currently being revised to implement new features and improve the documentation before general release.

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