2020 ASPECT User Workshop


ASPECT User Workshop

21-23 January 2020



The Virtual ASPECT User Workshop will be an opportunity for all users to gather virtually to share and discuss their work and the future of the code.  The workshop will feature keynote talks on new features, short presentations on science applications, sessions on model building, and breakouts for smaller group discussions on user driven topics including feature development, coding, community development, and future directions. 

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Rene Gassmöller, UC Davis (lead)
Wolfgang Bangerth, Colorado State University
Juliane Dannberg, U. Florida
Timo Heister, Clemson University
Lorraine Hwang, UC Davis
John Naliboff, UC Davis

Workshop Report [pdf]

Connection Information

This workshop will be held virtually via zoom. Please remember to download the software prior to the meeting [zoom download]

Meeting ID: 715 761 049



Time (PT) Day 1
Tuesday January 21
Day 2
Wednesday January 22
Day 3 optional
Thursday January 23
 8:00-8:45 Introduction, Goals, Updates Keynote 3:
Anne Glerum, Victoria Microplate, Initial Topography, and Free Surface
 Model Building 2
 8:45-9:30 Keynote 1:
Conrad Clevenger, Stokes Solver Improvements
8:45 Sophie Coulson, The Role of Dynamic Topography on Glacial Inception in North America
9:00 Grant Euen, Benchmarking ASPECT's advection solver
9:15 Sarah Stamps, Using streamed web-data inside of ASPECT
Coding Groups 2 
 30 min break   
10:00-10:45  Discussion 1  Coding Groups 1  Model Building 3
10:45-11:30  Model Building 1  Discussion 2  Coding Groups 3
30 min break   
 12:00-12:45 Keynote 2:
John Naliboff, Plasticity and Elasticity Formulations
Keynote 4:
Menno Fraters, Geodynamic World Builder for Initial Conditions
 12:45-13:30 12:45 Fiona Clerc, Daniel Douglas, Deformation of a viscoelastic free surface and elastic cantilever
13:00 Juliane Dannberg, Melt parameterizations
13:15 Agnes Kiraly, Anisotropic viscosity
Discussion 3   



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