2015 ASPECT Hackathon

Bodega Marine Laboratory - Bodega, California

2015 ASPECT Hackathon

You are invited to apply to attend the second ASPECT hackathon in Bodega, California on May 19-30, 2015. 

To further the development of the mantle convection code ASPECT and its user community, current users and developers of ASPECT will be working side-by-side over this 12 day period. Participants will make significant progress both on the development of ASPECT itself, as well as on the models individual users are building for their own research.

Among the topics of interest are:

  •  More complete material descriptions
  •  Benchmarking
  •  Plugins for individual research questions
  •  Documentation updates
  •  Improvements to the tracer code
  •  Level-set methods for accurately tracking compositional fields

The majority of the time will be spent working on the code in an informal setting, individually or in small groups.

The official program begins May 20.

Participation is limited. Priority will be given to current ASPECT users and developers and early career scientists. 

You must apply to attend. *** Applications are no longer being accepted  ***

  Wolfgang Bangerth, Texas A&M University
  Timo Heister, Clemson University

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