The 2015 ASPECT hackathon brought together 24 users and developers of the Advanced Solver for Problems in Earth’s ConvecTion at Bodega Bay, CA. Over the course of 10 days, we collaboratively developed, reviewed, and merged many features. The hackathon also provided ample opportunity for mentoring of younger scientists by more experienced developers. An overview of the topics participants worked on, as well as some of the results they obtained can be found in the meeting report on the project wiki page. Most of the pictures shown and features discussed were obtained with plugins and code extensions that were merged into he main development sources of ASPECT either at the hackathon or, following more code review discussions, shortly thereafter.

As shown in github, a total of 203 patches were merged during the hackathon and the following month, by 17 different authors. During this time, the amount of code in ASPECT grew from 75,200 to 81,100 lines. Several very large features, for example a complete rewrite of the particle code started during the hackathon and comprising several thousand lines of code, took longer than the end of June to be finished and are not included in this count.



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