Meeting Facilities

The meeting will be held at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML):

Bodega Marine Laboratory
2099 Westside Road
PO Box 247
Bodega, California 94923

Please see their website for full facility information:


Participants will be housed in dormitories onsite in rooms with private baths.  Linens are provided but are not laundered during your stay. Coin operated laundry facilities are available.

Rooms are reserved from the evening of Tuesday, May 19th through departure on Saturday, May 30.  

Dormitories are a short walk from the meeting facility. 

More information on housing can be found here.


Meals at BML are provided.  You will be on your own for off site meals. 

Air Travel

The closest airport to BML is San Francisco International (SFO). Oakland International (OAK) and Sacramento (SMF) are other options. Please see Ground Transportration information before choosing an airport.

Please plan on arriving on Tuesday, May 19 and departing on Saturday, May 30.

International participants must fly a U.S. air carrier or an air carrier with a share code with a U.S. carrier.

All participants should read the Travel Reimbursement Policy prior to travel.

Ground Transportation

We will be arranging group transportation between BML and SFO.  There is limited availability for pick-up and drop-off at SMF and none for OAK. Please contact us prior to purchasing plane tickets as we would like to group arrival and departure times to efficiently transport participants to BML.

BML is 65 miles from SFO. Travel to BML on your own is NOT reimbursable.


You will be reimbursed for airfare only.  Add-ons are not allowed.

Full travel reimbursement information can be found at: Events>Reimbursements

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