ObsPy Tutorial

Jun 23rd 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
UC Davis - Student Community Center

ObsPy Tutorial

This one day course begins with an overview of the ObsPy package ( and will introduce its major features and capabilities. Step-by-step, you will learn how to use different parts of ObsPy culminating in exercises that tie together the gained knowledge. Participants are expected to have a basic working knowledge of scientific Python and seismology but no knowledge of ObsPy is required. 


Lion Krischer

Workshop Information

Covered Topics:

  • ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for Seismology (lecture)
  • Quick Python refresher
  • File Formats in Seismology and using them in ObsPy
  • Time Handling in ObsPy
  • Waveform Data in ObsPy
  • Handling Station Metadata
  • Handling Event Metadata
  • Retrieving Data from the FDSN web services
  • Basic ObsPy Exercise combining the gained knowledge
  • Advanced Exercise: Event Detection and Magnitude Estimation in an Aftershock Series (if time left) 


  • Basic knowledge of scientific Python. Please register for the Python Tutorial if you have no Python experience.
  • Laptop with Python 3.x + ObsPy + Jupyter Notebooks installed.
  • Basic knowledge of seismology


Registration for all tutorials is through the main meeting webpage.  We anticipate offering the Python tutorial during CIG '16 (June 20-22) and seismology tutorials including ObsPy June 23-24. Check back for confirmation of all dates.

Registration confirmations will be sent in late March.

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