2012 Geodynamo Developer Meeting

Boulder, Colorado

2012 Geodynamo Developer Meeting

Presentations from the Geodynamo Developer Meeting, held in Boulder, Colorado, October 8-10, 2012. Agenda focused on strategic goals needed for improvement of current geodynamo codes, and development of possible 2nd generation geodynamo codes.

Enabling CIG geomagnetic data assimulation... Weijia Kuang
Enabling CIG geomagnetic data assimilation: Data assimilation algorithm, Framework structure and Current Progress/Near Future Development.
Structure of the Leeds Dynamo Code - Ashley Willis
Governing equations and description of structure/definitions of the Leeds Dynamo Code
Computational Challenges for Modeling the Solar Dynamo - Mark Miesch
Examples and summary of issues facing solar dynamo modeling. Comes with an associated video file "Cheung et al" for slide 19
Computational Challenges for Modeling the Solar Dynamo Video File - Cheung
Video file
Approximation of the MHD equations in heterogeneous domains with Lagrange finite elements - Guermond
Background equations and demonstration visualization.
A Software Strategy for Pseudospectral Methods at Petascale - Clune
Background information and implementation strategy for SpF (Spectral Framework).
Anelastic Dynamos and Giant Planet Magnetic Fields - Jones
Description of Jupiter dynamo model and associated background equations.
3D Spherical Convective Dynamo Models (a history of....) - Glatzmaier
Quick survey of historical models - their uses, underlying methods, advantages and disadvantages.
Numerical Simulation of Double Diffusive Convection in Oceans, Stars and Planetary Interiors - Stellmach
Description and dynamics of double-diffusive instabilities in stable stratified systems.
Science Goals for Numerical Methods - Buffett
Survey of science goals in geodynamo modeling, and related computational challenges.
Implicit Turbulence Modeling - Margolin
Implicit Turbulence Method - Description of methodology, advantages and background theory/calculations.

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