2010 GLADE Workshop

San Diego, California

GLADE Workshop: From grains to global tectonics

GLADE (Geodynamics of the Lithosphere and Deep Earth) will serve as a nesting ground for the U.S. Geodynamics community, and seeks to unify the lithosphere and mantle dynamics communities to address outstanding scientific and technical challenges in Geodynamics. We strongly encourage participation from scientists investigating the rheology of Earth materials and observing plate tectonic processes.

The meeting will emphasize cutting-edge research on geodynamical modeling of the lithosphere and deep Earth. We also plan to convene discussions on the future direction of modeling and software development in cooperation with CIG. July 29 activities will include hands-on tutorials and demos for geodynamics software.

GLADE will be held at the Scripps Seaside Forum

Notes from the townhall meeting held on July 26, 2010 are available for public review and comment (see related items below).

Workshop website.

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