2013 EarthCube Modeling Workshop for the Geosciences, April 22-23

Golden, Colorado

EarthCube Modeling Workshop for the Geosciences, April 22-23, 2013

Information for the NSF EarthCube Workshop, to be held in Boulder, Colorado.


Across the geosciences, models of the solid and fluid dynamics and physical processes of the earth and space systems advance our scientific understanding of complex environments and our ability to translate our science into useful societal applications. As EarthCube seeks to develop a data and knowledge management system to transform the geosciences, the input of groups and individuals whom have built-up their own infrastructure and communities around modeling efforts will be critical. While the scientific problems addressed by the broad community of geosciences “modelers” are varied, the strong commonalities in the computational challenges and requirements of many of these communities should be exploited to meet these challenges and be a central goal of EarthCube.

This workshop seeks to document the experiences and expertise of well-defined modeling communities within the Geosciences that have, over time, developed their own community, infrastructure and resources, assess the needs and readiness of modelers in related geosciences disciplines who do not currently have access to similar resources or community organizations, and provide well defined use cases and a list of functional requirements that can inform the development of EarthCube.

More information on the Earthcube initiative can be found here: Earthcube

Information on our partner organizations can be found here:
Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc (CUAHSI)
Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System, (CSDMS)

Basic Format

The meeting agenda will focus around targeting commonalities between the participants and their related communities, using breakout groups and plenary sessions.

On line participation: Information will be provided to those who wish to participate remotely via online sessions.

Workshop Information


NSF has funded a social science study of the multi-disciplinary research and cyber support associated with EarthCube – now and over time – so as to better enable success across the earth sciences. It has the potential to be a groundbreaking study tracing how very complex communities such as ours advance to tackle the “grand challenge” and associated research questions facing our field.

See Workshop Presentations for survey results.


  • Travel Information
    • Reimbursement Information
      • Participants with official U.S. appointments will receive reimbursement of travel expenses.
      • Air travel must be done on a US carrier in order to be reimbursed.
  • Lodging

    The workshop will take place in Boulder, Colorado. Hotel/Venue information can be found at Millenium House

    Continental breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. Dinners are not covered. 

  • Transportation

    There are two options for traveling from Denver International to Boulder, Colorado. The local bus service (RTD) has an airport shuttle that travels between the airport and points in Boulder. The trip is approximately $13 each way. Information can be found here: Skyride. The specific route between Boulder and Denver is the AB Route

    In addition, there is the ubiquitous Supershuttle, which picks up from the airport and drops off at local hotels in Boulder. Information on reserving a spot on Supershuttle can be found here: Super Shuttle Denver

    Late Night Taxis For those who may be arriving after 11pm, please note that Supershuttle doesn't guarantee operation. We have the following cab numbers to call if your flight arrives after 11pm. We will not be able to reimburse cab fare so please choose flights accordingly.

    • Yellow Cab 303-777-7777
    • Freedom Cab 303-444-4444
    • Metro Cab 303-333-3333

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