Workshop Presentations

Day 1

  • EarthCube Update, Eva Zanzerkia (PDF) 
  • EarthCube Modeling Workshop Introduction, Louise Kellogg (PDF) 
  • What Does Modeling Mean to the Hydrologic (Water Science) Community, Larry Band (PDF)
  • Advances and Challenges in Atmospheric Modeling, Fuqing Zhang (PDF)
  • What Does Modeling Mean for My Community? Geodynamics/GeoPRISMS/CIG/CIDER, Peter van Keken (PDF)
  • What Does "Modeling" Mean to the Surface Processes Community? Focus on Landscape Evolution Models, Nicole M. Gasparini (PDF)
  • Leadership Computing Facilities, Katherine Riley (PDF) 

Day 2

  • Stakeholder Alignment for EarthCube: Presentation for Community Modeling Workshop, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld (PDF)
  • On the Use of Technology to Enable the Flow of Digital Rivers at the Continental-Scale, Cedric H. David (PDF)
  • Discretization, Solvers, and Statistics in Computational Geodynamics, Jed Brown (PDF) 
  • Data Integration, High Performance Computing, and Scientific Visualization in the Geodynamics Workflow, Margarete A. Jadamec (PDF)
  • Modeling Frameworks, Workflows, and Community Modeling: Where are We Now and Where Do We Go from Here?, Scott D. Peckham (PDF)
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