2006 NSF Site Visit

CIG NSF Site Visit 2006 Agenda

February 26, 2006

8:45     Coffee and Light Breakfast  
9:00       Introduction to CIG [pdf]                           Mark Richards, University of California, Berkeley
9:45       Overview of CIG [pdf]                                 Michael Gurnis, Caltech
10:15     Coffee Break
11:00     DEMO #1: SVN-Regression Testing with Benchmarks – Luis Armendariz, CIG
11:30      Long Term Crustal Dynamics [pdf]         Walter Landry, CIG
12:00     Lunch
1:15       New areas: Geodynamo and Magma Migration [pdf]      Marc Parmentier, Brown University
1:45       Computational Seismology [pdf]             Jeroen Tromp, Caltech
2:15       Mantle Convection [pdf]                             Shijie Zhong, University of Colorado at Boulder
2:45      Coffee Break
3:00       Short Term Crustal Dynamics [pdf]         Brad Aagaard, US Geological Survey
3:30       DEMO #2: Check Pylith out of SVN/Run on Local or Remote –
                  Charles Williams, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Matthew Knepley, Argonne National Laboratory
3:45       Working with the CIG Community [pdf]      Marc Spiegelman, Columbia University
4:15         NSF program managers meet in private with the members of the EC and SSC present
6:30      Dinner in Old Town      
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