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SPECFEM2D simulates forward and adjoint seismic wave propagation in two-dimensional acoustic, (an)elastic, poroelastic or coupled acoustic-(an)elastic-poroelastic media, with Convolution PML absorbing conditions.

Meshing is based for instance upon Gmsh, Cubit, GiD or a simple internal mesher provided with the package, and the acoustic/(an)elastic/poroelastic solvers are based upon the spectral-element method. The package may also be used to calculate finite-frequency kernels and has full adjoint capabilities. Convolution PML absorbing conditions are used to efficiently absorb the outgoing wave field on the outer edges of the grid.

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To obtain the latest stable release of the code, use the following git command:
git clone --recursive

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SPECFEM2D-7.0.0.tar.gz [2012-11-11]

Source code, version 7.0.0

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User Manual

The SPECFEM2D user manual is available online.

Community Wiki

Visit the SPECFEM2D Wiki page for additional support with building, using, or modifying SPECFEM2D.

SPECFEM2D Publications List

Research publications using SPECFEM2D.

Community Discussion

Browse the CIG Mailing List Archive to find past discussions and previous troubleshooting help, or post to the CIG forum with questions or comments.

Developer Resources

Development Version

If you are interested in getting the development version of this code from the CIG repository, use the following git command:

git clone --recursive --branch devel

You can also browse the history of modifications in the Git repository.

Issue/Bug Tracker on Github

Browse and/or submit new issues at our Github Issues Tracker.

Doxygen Documentation

Auto-generated Doxygen documentation is available for the Development and Release codebases.


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map showing location of all users who downloaded SPECFEM2D in the last year (image updated daily)
This image was generated using GMT: The Generic Mapping Tools which is released under the GNU LGPL3+. Location data is based on MaxMind's GeoLite database which is released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0.
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