Travel Reimbursement

See Event>Reimbursements for all forms and general reimbursement instructions.

Airline. All travelers MUST use a U.S. air carrier or an air carrier with a code share with a U.S. carrier.  If none exists, please review the regulations regarding foreign air carriers and complete and submit the  Certificate of Non-availability. See instructions for Foreign Travelers for more information.

For University Business Purpose, please use the following description. Edit accordingly. 

Travel to attend the 9th ACES Symposium on Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and other Multihazards, Chengdu, China. Presented [poster/talk], [title] etc.

Travel Support Limits.  Do not claim more than you were offered for travel support. If your travel expenses exceeds amount, offered, clearly mark on the form TOTAL CLAIMED: $XXX.

Signature. Please remember to sign your form. Electronic signatures are NOT accepted.

Deadline.  All requests for reimbursements must be received prior to September 15, 2015. Please submit early to avoid delays and allow time for corrections.

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