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Chengdu, China - Sofis Jinyuan Hotel

9th ACES Symposium on Earthquakes and Multihazards

Chengdu, China, August 10-16, 2015

The APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulations organization is pleased to announce the 9th ACES workshop and symposium, to be held in Chengdu, China 10-16 August 2015, including a two day field trip to 2008 Wenchuan M8.0 earthquake fault zone. 

Full program information is now available on the official meeting website: 

***** VENUE CHANGE ****

Please note that the meeting venue has been changed to the Sofis Jinyuan Hotel.

The Workshop will consist of seven plenary scientific sessions and four special sessions:  

Session 1: Microscopic Simulation  
Session 2: Scaling Physics      
Session 3: Macro-scale Simulation: Earthquake Generation and Cycles
Session 4: Macro-scale Simulation: Dynamic Rupture and Wave Propagation
Session 5: Computational Environment and Algorithms
Session 6: Data Assimilation and Understanding
Session 7: Model Applications
Special Session 1: Earthquake simulation and forecast in China: State-of-the-art and future prospective (invited-only presentations)
Special Session 2: The lure of LURR — Celebration of Professor Yin’s 80th Birthday
Special Session 3: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Tsunami Early Warning System: Models, Simulations, Data and Technology
Special Session 4: The April 24, 2015 Magnitude 7.8 Lamjung (Kathmandu), Nepal Earthquake

The workshop will bring together scientists from Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, the United States, and other APEC economies that have been devastated in recent years by earthquakes and other disasters. 

General topics will also include:

  1. Discussion of advances in complex fault-based system-level simulations
  2. Simulation of multihazards
  3. Enabling technologies including cloud computing, radar interferometry, and geographic information systems
  4. Applications of simulation technology to seismic early warning, forecasting, and urban hazard mitigation

Travel support is available. CLOSED. We are no longer taking request for travel support.

The deadline for abstract submission online is May 15, 2015. Please submit through:


Please contact if you encounter problems or have any questions.

We are looking forward to your participation and welcome you to beautiful Chengdu!

US Local Organizing Committee

     Andrea Donnellan, Chair
     John McRaney, Secretary
     John Rundle, ACES Executive Director
     Louise Kellogg, UC Davis, Director of CIG
     Charles Norton, JPL
     Zhigang Peng, Georgia Tech
     David Yuen, U. of Minnesota

More information about ACES: 

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