All participants are highly encouraged to share their research by bringing a poster and giving a 3 min lighting talk.


Please submit your poster title and abstract (pdf) by September 6, 2017 5pm PT to:


Dimensions: not to exceed 4' L x 4' W.

Lighting talks

Duration: 2-3 min

# of Slides: 1 with NO animations - pdf preferred


List of Posters

Ana C. Aguiar and Stephen C. Myers, LLNL. Microseismic event relocation based on PageRank linkage at the Newberry Volcano Geothermal Site [pdf]

Andrea Chiang, Arben Pitarka, and Sean Ford, LLNL. Source Analysis of Underground Chemical Explosions from the Source Physics Experiment [poster]

Artie Rogers, N. Anders Petersson, Arben Pitarka, and Bjorn Sjogreen, LLNL; and David B. McCallen LBNL. Broadband 3D SW4 Simulations of an M 7.0 Hayward Fault Scenario Earthquake [talk]

Ben Heath, U. of Oregon. Upper crustal structure of Santorini Volcano and the surrounding region from dense, active source seismic data [poster]

Chen Chjing-Wei, Rau Ruey-Juin, National Cheng Kung U.  Characteristics of Broadband Seismic Noise in Taiwan [pdf][talk]

Diogo Luiz, U. Rio Grande do Norte. Characterizing the crustal architecture of the Parnaiba Basin with passive-source seismology

Evan Hirakawa, LLNL; and Shuo Ma. Effect of Undrained Gouge Plasticity on Rupture Dynamics of Rough Faults

Ezgi Karasozen, Colorado School of Mines; Eric Bergman, and Edwin Nissen. A framework of ground truth event locations across Iran from a two tiered multi-event relocation approach [talk]

Federica Lanza, U. Wisconsin-Madison; Clifford H. Thurber, U. Wisconsin-Madison; Ellen M. Syracuse, LANL; Abhijit Ghosh, UC Riverside; and John Power, USGS AVO. High-Resolution Seismic Velocity Structure of Makushin Volcano, Alaska [pdf][poster][talk]

Fransiska K Dannemann, LANL; Philip Blom, Junghyun Park, Omar Marcillo, Brian Stump, Il-Young Che. Improving infrasonic location estimates for underground nuclear explosions [pdf]

Gabrielle Tepp, USGS. Detecting and Characterizing Volcanic Activity on Land and at Sea [talk]

Heather R Shaddox, UC Santa Cruz; Susan Y Schwartz,  UC Santa Cruz; Erin K Todd, U. Otago; Anne F Sheehan, CUB; Jefferson Yarce, CUB; and Jenny S Nakai, CUB. Spatiotemporal Relationship between Shallow Slow Slip and Repeating Earthquakes in the Northern Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand. [pdf][poster][talk]

Jelle Assink, KNMI, De Bilt; G. Averbuch, TU Delft; P. Smets, KNMI and TU Delft; L. Evers,  KNMI and TU Delft; Seismo-Acoustic Analyses of the DPRK Underground Nuclear Tests for the Estimation of Source Depth [pdf] [poster][talk]

Kayla A. Kroll, LLNL;  and Keith B. Richards-Dinger, James H. Dieterich, David D. Oglesby, UC Riverside.  3D Simulations of Earthquakes on Parallel Offset Faults with Homogeneous Stress Conditions [pdf][poster][talk]

Kenny Graham & Martha K. Savage, Institute of Geophysics, SGEES, VUW, NZ; and Richard ArnoldSchool of Mathematics and Statistics, VUW, NZ. Assessing variations in shear wave splitting measurement due to scattered waves using simulated waveforms [pdf][poster]

Kenny Graham & Martha K. Savage, Institute of Geophysics, SGEES, VUW, NZ; and Richard ArnoldSchool of Mathematics and Statistics, VUW, NZ. Preliminary analysis of seismic anisotropy changes associated the Kaikoura earthquakes in New Zealand [pdf][poster]

Kyle Smith and Carl Tape, UAF. Amplification of seismic waves in Nenana basin, central Alaska [pdf]

Kyle Withers and Morgan Moschetti, USGS. 3D Dynamic Rupture Simulations along Dipping Faults, with a focus on the Wasatch Fault Zone, Utah [pdf][poster][talk]

Lion Krischer, Michael Afanasiev, Christian Boehm, Martin van Driel, Andreas Fichtner, ETH Zurich. Salvus: A flexible open-source package for waveform modelling and inversion from laboratory to global scales [pdf][talk]

Lise Retailleau and Gregory Beroza, Stanford U. Towards Structural Imaging Using Scattering Artifacts Detected in Ambient Field Correlations [pdf][talk]

Lorraine Hwang, UC Davis. FORCE11 Software Citation Principles [talk]

Mamun Miah, LBNL. Regional Scale Earthquake Hazard and Structural Risk Simulations [talk]

Michelle Dunn, UNR. Investigating Wave Propagation in the Great Basin: Modeling Earthquake and Source Physics Experiment Broadband Recordings

Nate Lindsey, UC Berkeley. Thermokarst-On-Demand: Observations from a Controlled Permafrost Warming Experiment [pdf][poster][talk]

Nicholas J. Mancinelli and Karen M. Fischer, Brown U. The spatial sensitivity of teleseismic Sp converted waves [pdf][talk]

Po-Chin Tseng, NCKU.  Coseismic and postseismic velocity changes caused by the 2016 Mw 6.5 Meinong, Taiwan, Earthquake using Ambient Seismic Noise [pdf][poster][talk]

Robert Martin-Short, UC Berkeley. Imaging the Alaskan subduction zone with joint inversion of ambient noise and teleseismic surface waves [pdf][talk]

Sara Dougherty, USGS. Large-N array observations of injection-induced seismicity in northern Oklahoma: the LASSO experiment [pdf][poster]

Sarah J. Oliva, Tulane U.; C.J. Ebinger, Tulane U.; D. Shillington, LDEO, J. Albaric, U. de Franche-Comte;  A. Deschamps, CNRS; D. Keir, U. Southampton; C. Drooff, U. Rochester. Comparison of magmatic and amagmatic rift zone kinematics using full moment tensor inversion of regional earthquakes [pdf][talk]

Shahar Shani-Kadmiel, Delft and KNMI; Jelle D. Assink, KNMI, Pieter S. M. Smets, Delft and KNMI;, Läslo G. Evers, Delft and KNMI. Seismo-Acoustic Coupled Signals - Epicentral and Secondary Sources of Infrasound [pdf]

Vipul Silwal, UAF. Wavefield simulation of earthquakes in southern Alaska for tomographic inversion [poster]

Xiaoran Chen, Yiran Li, Vadim Levin, Rutgers U. New Brunswick. Seismic anisotropy beneath eastern North America: laterally variable and layered? [talk]

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