Technical Requirements

Participants must bring their own laptop computer with ASPECT installed prior to the workshop. 


  • laptop with Linux (ideally a recent ubuntu) or OSX (latest OS and latest xcode installed)
  • install deal.II 8.5 or 9.0:
    • Linux box: Please install deal.II with all necessary dependencies (MPI, p4est, Trilinos). You can use candi: 
    • Mac OS X: Download the .dmg file for deal.II from the address above.
    • Windows machine: Please download VirtualBox; we will have a virtual machine for you to use on memory sticks. Image can be directly obtained from:

You will need three areas of expertise during the hackathon, depending on what you are working on specifically:

  1.  Knowledge about how to set up and run an ASPECT model. If you are interested in a specific feature of ASPECT, familiarize yourself with the existing cookbooks, benchmarks, and tests that use this feature. If you are new to ASPECT, work through the 2016 ASPECT tutorial:

Make sure you can run the first cookbook files and visualize the output

2.  Knowledge about how to read and write C++ programs. If you are new to C++ please work through the following C++ tutorial as it will be crucial to understand and modify the code: If you are familiar with languages such as C or Python you can likely skip a lot of the C++ basics, but you will at least want to read through the chapters about 'C++ Object Oriented' and 'C++ Advanced / Templates'."

3. Knowledge about the deal.II finite element library. ASPECT is build on deal.II and depending on your intended project you will interface more or less with deal.II. deal.II has a wide range of tutorial programs, and depending on your interest in the inner workings of ASPECT, you might want to read through tutorials 1, 2, 3, 4, 22, 31, 32 at"

Please see:

For help, visit our forum at:


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