CIG_01: Mantle Convection

Geodynamic mechanisms for the preservation of large-scale primordial heterogeneity in the Earth’s mantle. Maxim D Ballmer

Constraints on early Earth tectonics via convection models with grainsize evolution. Bradford J Foley

The influence of curvature on convection in a temperature-dependent viscosity fluid: implications for the 2D and 3D modeling of moons. Joshua M Guerrero*, Julian P Lowman, Frederic Deschamps, Paul J Tackley

Composition dependent properties and their effects in the early Earth. Keely O'Farrell, Sean Trim,  

Combining Large-scale Numerical Simulations with Observational Data Sets to Constrain the Thermochemical History and Interior Dynamics of Mars. Ana-Catalina Plesa

Investigating different patterns of slab deformation in the lower mantle. Jiaxin Zhang*, Allen K McNamara

Incident angle of subducting slabs against the 410- and 660-km discontinuities. Siobhan M Campbell*, Robert Moucha

Three-dimensional thermal convection in a spherical shell with a free surface. Ludovic Jeanniot, Cedric Thieulot 

The influence of compositional heterogeneity in mantle convection models on a plate-like surface velocity field. Sean M Langemeyer*, Julian P Lowman, Paul J Tackley

The effect of dynamic tracer repositioning on conservation properties in thermochemical convection models. Julian P Lowman, Sean J Trim, Samuel L Butler

A scaling relationship for impact-induced melt volume. Miki Nakajima, David C Rubie, Kai Wuennemann, Lukas Manske, Gregor Golabek, Henry J Melosh, Seth A Jacobson, Francis Nimmo, Alessandro Morbidelli

Power Spectrum Measurements of Mantle Convection in a 2D Annulus Domain. Cedric Thieulot, Rens S. Elbertsen, Inge Loes ten Kate

CIG_03: Lithosphere Dynamics

Topographic controls on magmatism during rifting. Mark D Behn, Paris Smalls, Jean-Arthur Olive, Roger Buck

Lithosphere dynamics in the central Andes:  Implications for magmatism and surface topography. Claire A Currie, Huilin Wang, Peter G DeCelles

Insights on fore-arc sliver processes from 3D geodynamic models of flat slab subduction in Alaska. Kirstie L Haynie*, Margarete A Jadamec

Western Pacific subduction dynamics: Slab dips, plate velocities, and mantle pressure. Adam F Holt, Leigh H Royden, Thorsten W Becker, Claudio Facenna

Global Lithosphere Models Coupled to 3-D mantle Convection: Examples from North America and Central Asia. William E Holt, Xinguo Wang, Ali Bahadori, Attreyee Ghosh

Width of imbricated thrust blocks and the strength of accretionary wedges. Garrett Ito, Gregory F Moore

Numerical modeling of flat-slab subduction: Influence of lithosphere structure and rheology on slab depth. Xiaowen Liu*, Claire Currie

The Effects of Ridge Axis Width on Mantle Melting at Mid-Ocean Ridges.Laurent Montesi, Valentina Magni, Carmen Gaina,  

Grain by Grain to Plate Tectonics. Elvira Mulyukova*, David Bercovici

Convective instability in horizontal decompaction channels in planetary lithospheres. Joe Schools*, Laurent Montesi 

Response of a continental rift zone to a passing weak plume: insights from the Rio Grande rift. Jolante Van Wijk

Evolution of Long-Term Tectonics across the Indo-Burman Range. Patcharaporn Maneerat*

In situ rheology of the oceanic lithosphere along the Hawaiian Ridge. Alexandra Pleus*, Garrett Ito, Paul Wessel, L. Neil Frazer,  

Continent-scale lithospheric models constrained by multiple seismic observables made by large scale seismic arrays. Weisen Shen

Modelling of overriding plate deformation and slab rollback in the Mediterranean. Cedric Thieulot, Luuk Schuurmans, Menno Fraters, Wim Spakman, Douwe van hinsbergen

CIG_04: New Developments in Geodynamic Modeling and Computational Infrastructure

A new solver for large-scale, 3D models of coupled magma/mantle dynamics. Juliane Dannberg, Timo Heister, Ryan Grove, Rene Gassmoeller

Adaptive Multigrid Solvers for Stokes flow. Timo Heister

Toward Community Software Ecosystems for High-Performance Computational Science. Lois Curfman McInnes 

Progress and remaining challenges in incorporating detailed chemical kinetics models in simulations of reactive flows. Kyle E Niemeyer

Best practices for sustainable and open research software in computational research. Kyle E Niemeyer

Present and Future of Earthquake Ground Motion Simulation. Ricardo Taborda 

Advances in the geodynamic code ASPECT: Investigating compressibility approximations, modular boundary conditions, and flexible surface deformation. Rene Gassmoeller, Juliane Dannberg, Timo Heister, Wolfgang Bangerth 

A new conceptualization of three-dimensional slab interactivity visualized with ShowEarthModel. Margarete A Jadamec, Oliver Kreylos, Benjamin Chang, Karen Fischer, Burak Yikilmaz

Slab dehydration and fluid migration beneath arc volcanoes using COMSOL Multiphysics®. Changyeol Lee

MeltMigrator: A MATLAB-based software for modeling three-dimensional melt migration and crustal thickness variations at mid-ocean ridges. Laurent Montesi, Hailong Bai, Mark Behn

Efficient and Practical Newton Solvers for Nonlinear Stokes Systems in Geodynamic Problems. Cedric Thieulot, Menno Fraters, Wolfgang Bangerth, Anne Glerum, Wim  Spakman




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