Technical Requirements

Participants must bring their own laptop computer with ASPECT installed prior to the workshop. We have good internet speeds this year but we will have about 35 participants with multiple devices.

last updated 4 June 2018


  • laptop with Linux (ideally a recent ubuntu) or OSX (latest OS and latest xcode installed)
  • install deal.II 8.5 or 9.0:
    • Linux box: Please install deal.II with all necessary dependencies (MPI, p4est, Trilinos). You can use candi: 
    • Mac OS X: Download the .dmg file for deal.II from the address above.
    • Windows machine: Please download VirtualBox; we will have a virtual machine for you to use on memory sticks. Image can be directly obtained from:

if you are new to ASPECT, work through the 2016 ASPECT tutorial:

Make sure you can run the first cookbook files and visualize the output

Please see:

For help, email:

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