Meeting Summary

The Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics' (CIG) long-term tectonics community partnered with EarthScope for the first CIG-EarthScope Institute for Lithospheric Modeling workshop, held in Tempe, Arizona at the EarthScope National Office on the ASU campus.  This working meeting focused on geodynamic modeling of lithosphere dynamics, data integration, and the software tools that facilitate this work.

The participants in this workshop identified science drivers and challenges, and used them to establish use cases. Use cases are specific examples of scientific or technical problems or questions, with identified goals, key users, scope, and outcomes.  The use cases will facilitate the development of a list of functional specifications, scientific goals, and end-user criteria that will improve current and future development of lithosphere modeling software as well as enhance use of EarthScope-related observations of lithospheric structure and deformation.

The workshop combined researcher and developer presentations on new advances in lithosphere research and modeling tools, posters, and work in small breakout groups to identify science drivers, observational efforts, and computational developments that are advancing our understanding of lithospheric deformation.  46 geoscientists and computer scientists participated, including 16 early-career and 9 international participants. Telepresence was successfully incorporated with participants from Australia and Europe.  In-depth discussions between end-users and developers helped address the needs and goals of both groups and how these can be integrated into the EarthCube framework.

The meeting report summarizes the science drivers, challenges, and frontiers of numerical modeling identified at the workshop. We then identify the next steps to be taken over the short term (1-2 years), intermediate term (2-4 years), and long term (beyond) incorporating our vision for the community.  The appendices include the use cases and an index of codes in current use by the community.

Our goal out of these discussions is to develop a white paper that will outline a 5-10 yr roadmap for the long-term tectonics community including major scientific goals, numerical advances, and benchmarks.

Workshop Report

Final Workshop Report [pdf]


Brandon_IMG_4218.jpg  Dave_IMG_4237.jpg  Kelin_IMG_4226.jpg  Marston_IMG_4223.jpg

Brandon Schmandt - Challanges in Lithospheric Dynamics - Examples Motivated by EarthScope

Dave May - Overview of Modeling Challenges in Lithospheric Dynamics

Kelin Whipple - Topography, Climate, Erosion Rates and Tectonics

Louis Moresi - Perspectives on Long Term Tectonic Modeling



Brad Aagaard, US Geological Survey
Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University
Emma Baker, University of Idaho
Mark Behn, WHOI
Jed Brown, Argonne National Laboratory/CU Boulder
W. Roger Buck,Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Eunseo Choi, Center for Earthquake Research and Information, University of Memphis
Catherine Cooper, Washington State University
Claire Currie, University of Alberta
Lucy Flesch, Purdue University
Jeff Freymueller, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Ed Garnero, Arizona State University
Ronni Grapenthin, Berkeley Seismo Lab, UC Berkeley
Dennis Harry, Colorado State University
Christopher Havlin, Brown University
Audrey Huerta, Central Washington University
Lorraine Hwang, University of California, Davis
Margarete Jadamec, Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University
Boris Kaus, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Anna Kelbert, Oregon State University
Louise Kellogg, University of California, Davis
Fansheng Kong, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Laetitia le Pourhiet, University Pierre and Marie Curie
Mingming Li, Arizona State University
Lijun Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rowena Lohman,Cornell University
Gayatri Marliyani, Arizona State University
David May, ETH Zurich
Allen McNamara, Arizona State University
Eric Mittelstaedt, University of Idaho
Laurent Montesi, University of Maryland
Louis Moresi, Monash University
Thomas Morrow, University of Idaho
James Ni, New Mexico State University
Jean-Arthur Olive, MIT / WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography
Felipe Orellana, University of California, Berkeley
Chris Rollins, California Institute of Technology
Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico
Johnny Seales, University of Houston
Stathis Stiros, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Patras Univeristy, Patras, Greece
Gerya Taras, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich)
Cedric Thieulot,Univ of Utrecht
Xiaopeng Tong, University of California San Diego
Jolante van Wijk,New Mexico Tech
Guangliang Wu, The University of Texas at Austin

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