Travel Reimbursement

Travel reimbursements were offered either through CIG or SCEC. Please refer to your travel offer to determine which organization to claim your travel reimbursement and your amount. You will be reimbursed for your transportation expenses only.  This includes:

  • airfare
  • airport shuttle
  • airport parking
  • mileage to and from airport

REMEMBER to include your offer letter with your receipts.  Do not forget to SIGN your travel report. No .jpgs are accepted.

Please save all your receipts as you travel, and plan to complete the expense report as soon as possible after the workshop.


See Reimbursements for all forms and general reimbursement instructions.

For University Business Purpose, please use the following description. Edit accordingly. 

Travel to attend the 2014 Crustal Deformation Workshop June 23-27, Stanford University, Stanford, California. Participated in Pylith, Cubit, Trelis, and Paraview training; presented [poster/talk], [title]. 

Travel Support Limits.  Do not claim more than you were offered for travel support. If your travel exceeds amount, offered, clearly mark on the form TOTAL CLAIMED: $XXX.


SCEC travel support will be processed through the University of Southern California [USC Travel Expense Report]

Please note:

  • The University requires a current mailing address for each payee.
  • All expenses claimed should be accompanied by a receipt.
  • If you are a foreign national, studying or working in the US on a short term visa, there are additional documents that USC requires. 
    • Please email immediately with your visa type (B/waiver/H1/F1/J1) and SCEC will send the appropriate forms.

SCEC will need to receive your completed report and receipts within 10 business days of the workshop end-date, that is, no later than July 16, 2014

SCEC will not be able to reimburse you after that date. 

email a legible scan of your materials OR send the originals to:

Travel Reimbursements - USC/SCEC
3651 Trousdale Parkway, ZHS 169
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0742

If you have any questions, please contact or (213) 740-5843. 

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