Modeling Tools Workflow

*Please see the Pylith wiki page for the most up-to-date diagram.

Software tools and typical workflow in crustal dynamics numerical modeling.

Most numerical modeling of crustal dynamics consists of

  1. Generating a model of geologic structure
  2. Generating a finite-element mesh using the surfaces defined by the geologic model
  3. Solving for the deformation on the finite-element mesh
  4. Visualizing the results

Note: Descriptions and links to the software tools shown below is on the Software Tools page.

Workflow diagram

The software tools are color-coded by their availability (open-source, CIG developed software; open-source software, free software; and commercial software). The ability to very easily import/export information from one package to another is indicated by the solid (currently available) and dashed (planned feature) lines. For software not connected by lines, some work is required to translate the information from one format to another.

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