Daily schedule:

6:45-8:00   Breakfast at Segundo Dining Hall
8:30-10:00   Morning session I
10:00-11:00   Long coffee break & posters
11:00-12:30   Morning session II: 11-12:30
12:30-1:30   Lunch (Cafe open until 1:15pm)
1:30-3:00   Afternoon session I
3:00-3:30   Coffee break: 3-3:30
3:30-5:00   Afternoon session II: 3:30-5
5:00-7:00   Dinner
7:00-9:00   Tutorials
9:00-    semi-organized beer hour (buy your own..)

Location of Poster Sessions: First floor Thompson Lounge, behind staircase

Location of Talks: Thompson Main Lounge, First floor of dorm

Sunday July 29

3:00a-11:00a   Arrival of participants for check in, CIG Registration - Segundo Conference Center
5:00p-7:00p   Ice breaker at Earth & Physical Sciences Building (2nd floor Atrium). Sponsored by your conveners and CIG. Guided escort leaves at 4:30 and 5:00pm from Thompson Hall

Monday July 30. Overview, Technical Advances and Challenges, and Broad Goals.

Registration for late arrivals starts at 7:30 - Thompson Hall lobby

8:00   Welcome (Peter van Keken and Louise Kellogg).
    Introductions and overview of CIG (Louise Kellogg).
8:30   Session 1: Numerical methods (Peter van Keken)
    Keynote A. Wolfgang Bangerth: AMR, Deal.II, and ASPECT
    Keynote B. Cian Wilson: Harnessing advanced computational libraries for coupled multi-physics
10:00   Coffee break
10:30   Session 2 : Solvers for Stokes' flow and complicated rheology (Scott King)
    Keynote A. David May: Robust and efficient Stokes' flow solver
    Keynote B. Jed Brown: Stokes' flow solvers for complicated rheology
12:00   Discussions: AMR, directions of geodynamics software development and CIG.
12:30   Lunch
1:30   Session 3: Overview for breakout/tutorials.
    Tutorial period I: deal.ii and related methods (Wolfgang Bangerth)
4:00   Session 4: Long term tectonics computational needs (Jolante van Wijk)
7:00   Tutorial period: Citcom (Shijie Zhong)

Tuesday July 31. Advances in Computational Geodynamics

8:30   Session 1: Large scale mantle dynamics and plate tectonics (Shijie Zhong)
    Keynote A. Allen McNamara: Investigating the cause of LLSVPs and how mantle cooling promotes the stability of compositional reservoirs
    Keynote B. Scott King: Geodynamic Perspectives on the Terrestrial Planets
10:00   Coffee and posters
11:00   Session 2 (Marc Spiegelman)
    Keynote C. Julian Lowman: Mantle convection models featuring plates
    One minute student/postdoc poster promos (all)
12:30   Lunch
1:30   Session 3: Regional scale mantle dynamics and surface observables (Roger Buck)
    Keynote A. Magali Billen: Revisiting geoid constraints on the viscosity structure of subduction zones
    Keynote B. Clint Conrad: Horizontal Mantle Plumes and Shear-Driven Upwelling in the South Pacific
3:00   Coffee break and poster session
3:45   Session 4 (Claire Currie)
    Keynote C. Lijun Liu: Geodynamic modeling with data assimilation: a comprehensive approach
4:30   Louis Moresi: Underworld
4:55   Introductory discussion on mantle convection benchmarks (to spill over into dinner)
7:00   Tutorial period: TerraFerma (Cian Wilson and Marc Spiegelman)

Wednesday August 1. Lithosphere dynamics and upper mantle interactions

8:30   Session 1: Interfacing the mantle and lithosphere; melting and faulting (Magali Billen)
    Keynote A. Jolante van Wijk: Modeling lithosphere deformation with Gale.
    Keynote B. Ikuko Wada: Mantle wedge dynamics: Slab-mantle coupling, grain size evolution, and fluid migration
10:00   CIG logistics (Louise Kellogg)
10:10   Coffee Break & Posters
11:00   Session 2 (Peter van Keken)
    Keynote C. Laurent Montesi: Melt extraction and focusing at mid-ocean ridges
    Discussion: Future directions and 2014 workshop (Louise Kellogg/Peter van Keken)
12:30   Lunch
1:30   Session 3: Mountain building and rifting (Mousumi Roy)
    Keynote A. Eunseo Choi: Bounds on fault strength based on simulation of ‘rider block’ structures emerging from brittle lithosphere extension
    Keynote B. Luc Lavier: DynEarthSol2D: An attempt to develop an efficient Elasto-Visco-Plastic (EVP) Long Term Tectonics Modeling (LTM) code
3:00   Coffee break and Poster Session II
3:45   Tutorial Period IV: GALE (Walter Landry)
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