Registration List

List of registrants.

Total PyLith registered: 08

  • Brad Aagaard, U.S. Geological Survey (Instructor)
  • Matt Knepley, University of Chicago (Instructor)
  • Charles Williams, GNS Science (Instructor)
  • Dave Chadwell, Scripps
  • Wu-Lung Chang, National Central University, Taiwan
  • James Conder, Southern Illinois University
  • Yan Jiang, U. of Miami
  • Eh Tan, University of Texas, Austin
  • Xiaopeng Tong, Scripps
  • Daniel Winester, NOAA Geodetic Survey
  • Hongfeng Yang, Woods Hole

Total Gale registered: 04

  • Walter Landry, Caltech (Instructor)
  • Gabriele Casale, University of Washington
  • Derek Schutt, Colorado State University
  • Seth Stein, Northwestern University
  • Zhaohui Yang, University of Colorado, Boulder
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