OCCG 2009 Presentations

Presentations from the March 2009 Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Geophysics workshop

OCCG 2009 Welcome and Overview (Monday)
Presentation by Marc Spiegelman, Columbia/LDEO (CIG EC chair)
Automatic Code Generation and the FEniCS Project (Monday)
Presentation given by Anders Logg, U. Oslo
CIG’s Activities in and Impact on Mantle Convection Studies
Presentation given by Shijie Zhong, U. Colorado, Boulder
Data Assimilation: One Perspective, Some Examples (Monday)
Presentation by Gary Egbert, Oregon State
European Training Programmes in Computational Seismology
Presentation by Heiner Igel, LMU Munich
Seismology Discussion: Multiple-Scale Imaging (Monday)
Presentation by Alan Levander, Rice U
Long Term Tectonics Discussion Points (Monday)
Presentation by T. Ehlers, U. Michigan
Magma Dynamics at CIG: Discussion (Monday)
Presentation by Laurent G. J. Montési, U. Maryland
Mantle Convection Discussion (Monday)
Mantle Convection: Major Science Questions (Monday)
Slides by C. Conrad, Hawaii
Micro-to-Macro-Scale Modeling Discussion (Monday)
Presentation given by Michael Aivazis, Caltech
Multiscale/Multiphysics Discussion Session (Monday)
Slide presented by C. Norton, JPL
Mantle Convection Education & Training Activities (Tuesday)
Presentation by Magali Billen, UC Davis
Short-Term Crustal Dynamics Working Group Education and Training (Tuesday pm)
Presentation by Brad Aagaard, USGS
Long-term tectonics Discussion: from nanometer to global scale (Tuesday)
Presentation by Magali Billen
CIG II: Futures (Tuesday)
Presentation on CIG planning by Louise Kellogg, UC Davis
Magma Discussion (Tuesday)
Presentation on Plate Boundary Dynamics
Short-Term Tectonics Science (Tuesday)
Presentation by Brad Aagaard, USGS
Short-Term Tectonics: State of the Union
Presentation by Mark Simons, Caltech
Seismology: Current and Future Computational Geoscience Directions: Successes & Failures
Presented by CIG Seismology Working Group
Magma Dynamics Notes
Long Term Tectonics: Current and Future Computational Geoscience Directions: Successes & Failures
Presented by Long-Term Tectonics Working Group
Cooperative Institute for Deep Earth Research
Presentation by Barbara Romanowicz, UC Berkeley
Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR)
Presentation by Carsten Burstedde, U Texas, Austin
Software, complexity, and reuse: Robust-to-experimental codes for geodynamics
Presentation given by Steve Quenette, VPAC/Monash U
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