OCCG 2009 Posters

Posters presented at the March 2009 Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Geophysics workshop
A Solid Earth Research and Teaching Environment
Poster by W. Waterhouse, K. Milner, T. Becker, J Sain, and D. Schorlemmer (USC)
Constraints on Global Mantle Flow and Lithosphere Net Rotation from Seismic Anisotropy
Poster by C. Conrad (Hawaii) and M. Behn (WHOI)
Farallon Subduction Reconstructed by Inverse Dynamic Models: Stratigraphy Verifications and Geophysical implications
Poster (PDF) by L. Liu, S. Spasojević, and M. Gurnis (Caltech)
Influence of Dynamics Topography on Sea Level and its Rate of Change
Poster (PDF) by C. Conrad (Hawaii) and L. Husson (Centre National de la Recherche Sci., France)
Investigating Surface-wave Propagation Using Spectral Element Method
Poster (PDF) by K. Liu, Y, Ruan, and Y. Zhou (Virginia Tech)
Linking CitcomS to SPECFEM3D
Poster (PDF) by E. Tan and L. Strand (CIG)
Steering Geodynamics Models with Plate Tectonics Reconstruction Software: GPlates
Poster by M. Turner et al (Caltech)
Stress Evolution and Fault Interactions before and after the 2008 Great Wenchuan Earthquake
Poster (PDF) by G. Luo and M. Liu (U. Missouri)
3-D Spherical Mantle Convection with Radial Basis Function
Poster by G. Wright (Boise State), N. Flyer (NCAR), and D. Yuen (U. Minnesota)
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