CIG Software for the Geophysics Community (poster) PDF poster presented by Walter Landry, Eh Tan, Michael Gurnis, et al

CitcomS: Compressible Mantle Convection (poster) PDF poster presented by Eh Tan

Finite Element Meshing of the SCEC (poster) PDF poster presented by Carl Gable

Flexible Multi-Physics Solvers for Magma Dynamics (poster) PDF poster given by Marc Spiegelman

Gale: Large Scale Tectonics Modeling with Free Software (poster) PDF poster presented by Walter Landry

Lithospheric Modelling: Research Directions at Simula (poster) PDF poster presented by Stuart Clark

Multilevel Approach for signal restoration problems with Toeplitz matrices (poster) PDF poster presented by Malena Español

New Computational Approach to Nonplanar Elastodynamic Ruptures (poster) PDF poster presented by Ethan Coon

Parallel Adaptive Mantle Convection Simulation (poster) PDF poster presented by Lucas Wilcox

PyLith 1.3: A Finite-Element Code for Modeling Quasi-Static and Dynamic Crustal Deformation (poster) PDF poster by Brad Aagaard (recently presented at SCEC)

Ubiquitous Interactive Visualization of 3D Mantle Convection (poster) PDF poster presented by David Yuen

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