Travel Reimbursement

We have obtained funding from CIG, NASA, NSF, and SCEC for the 2007 Community Finite-Element Modeling workshop that will be held in Golden, CO June 25-29.

Most attendees will receive at least partial reimbursement for their expenses associated with travel to the workshop. Precise amounts will depend on the total workshop expenses.

Note: All registered participants will be provided breakfast and lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All other meals (dinners and all meals on Monday and Friday) will be "on your own." There are a number of restaurants within walking distance.

We will reimburse attendees based on the following criteria:

  1. All invited speakers will be reimbursed for all their relevant expenses.
  2. Registered attendees with official appointments at U.S. institutions will be reimbursed for as much of their domestic airfare and lodging as funding allows. Attendees should expect to pay for their local transportation and meals not provided. Attendees may be required to pay for a portion of their airfare and lodging expenses.
  3. If any funds remain after reimbursing attendees in categories 1 and 2, other registered attendees will be reimbursed for portions of their airfare and lodging. However, due to the number of registrants, we do not expect to be able to provide any reimbursement for travels from foreign institutions apart from those for invited speakers.
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