Posters and Presentations

Accuracy of spectral element methods for wave propagation modeling
Poster (PDF) by Saulo Oliveira
CIG Science Gateways: Using Supercomputers through a Browser
Poster (PDF) by Leif Strand et al
Broadband Ground Motion Simulations for a Mw 7.8 Southern San Andreas Earthquake: ShakeOut
Presentation (PDF) by Robert W. Graves (does not include movies)
Broadband Ground Motion Simulations AVI Movies
CIG Geodynamics Software: Modeling Tools for the Earth Science Community
Poster (PDF) by Eh Tan et al
Computational Aspects of Finite-frequency Tomography
Poster (PDF) by Yue Tian
Constructing 3D Sensitivity Kernels and Working Towards 3D Tomographic Inversions Based on Adjoint Methods
Presentation (PDF) by Qinya Liu
Finite-Frequency Sensitivity of Seismic Observables to Mantle Anistropy Based upon Adjoint Methods
Poster (PDF) by Anne Sieminski
Ground Motion Modeling of the 1906 Earthquake and Other Large Events of the Northern San Andreas Fault
Poster (PDF) by Brad Aagaard
GEOCUBIT: CUBIT and seismic wave propagation based upon the Spectral-Element Method
Presentation (PDF) by E. Casarotti
Numerical Modeling of Physical Processes Occurring During The Spontaneous Propagation of 3D Earthquake Ruptures
Presentation (PDF) by Andrew Bizzarri
Octrees in Computational Seismology
Presentation (PDF) by David O’Hallaron
Multi-scale issues and two scale homogenization solutions for the direct and inverse problem in seismology
Presentation (PDF) by Y. Capdeville
Overview of the High-Order ADER-DG Method for Numerical Seismology
Presentation (PDF) by Martin Käser
PyLith 1.0: A Finite-Element Code for Modeling Quasi-Static and Dynamic Crustal Deformation
Poster (PDF) by Brad Aagaard
ShakeOut and its effects in Los Angeles and Oxnard Areas
Poster (PDF) by Leonardo Ramirez-Guzman
Raleigh and Love wave tomography of the western U.S. from ambient noise using USArray
Poster (PDF) by Fan-Chi Lin
Presentation (PDF) by David Michéa
Synthetic seismograms for stagnant slab model
Poster (PDF) by S. Tsuboi
The finite-difference and finite-element implementations of the TSN method for the dynamic rupture propagation
Poster (PDF) by Peter Moczo
Wave Propagation Project (WPP): A New Open-Source Tool Supporting Computational Seismology at LLNL
Presentation (PDF) by Arthur Rodgers
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