Workshop Presentations 

Brad Aagaard: Using multi-cycle earthquake simulations to understand crustal dynamics
Wolfgang Bangerth: Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Roscoe A. Bartlett: Trilinos Overview
Heiner Igel: Wave propagation in highly complex models: grid generation – local time stepping - parallelization
Robert Falgout: hypre - High Performance Preconditioners
Carl Gable: Mesh Generation for Geological Applications: Why it is Different Than Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Moritz Heimpel: Modeling the geodynamo: Successes and challenges
Steve Owen: CUBIT Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit
X. Sherry Li: Improving Scalability of Sparse Direct Linear Solvers
Scott King: Grid refinement and parallel computing for mantle convection and thermochemical convection
Abani Patra: Modeling Geophysical Mass Flows - Mesh(free), Model, and Parameter Adaptivity
Mousumi Roy: Scientific and computational challenges in simulating fluid-rock interaction and its role in the long-term tectonics of continental lithosphere
John Shadid: An Overview of the Application of Newton-Krylov based Solution Methods for Nonlinear Multiple-time-scale PDE Systems
Claudio Silva: Scalable Techniques for Scientific Visualization
Mark Simons: Going Beyond an Elastic Halfspace - CIG Short-Term Crustal Dynamics
Barry Smith: An Architecture for Composing Solvers - Case study of PETSc
Marc Spiegelman: Plumbing the Depths: Computational Challenges for Magma Dynamics in Earth Sciences
Jeroen Tromp: Spectral-Element and Adjoint Methods in Seismology
Tiankai Tu: Besides Teraflops: Getting More from Big Iron
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